Belgian Week –“A Modern Twist On Belgian Classics” @ Soleil

Gallant little Belgium’ ever since 1914 when tiny Belgium refused to kneel before the might of Imperial Germany. Belgium has been synonymous with punching above its weight in various areas of excellence none more so that in the area of gastronomy. Belgium has 129 Michelin starred restaurants an amazing feat for a country of its geographic size and population. Laying quite literally in the heart of Europe influences to Belgium cuisine flood in from Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland not to mention many contributions as a result of a colonial past. From the forests of the Ardennes rich in game and other meats across its fertile plains to the seafood filled waters of the North Sea Belgium is abundantly blessed with the finest products.

From 9th of November 2016 till 14 th of November 2016, Soleil restaurant under the tutelage of its award winning Belgium Chef, Evert Onderbeke will be seeking during this forthcoming Belgium week to offer a tempting array of “A Modern Twist On Belgium Classics”, showcasing various dishes using imported Belgium and locally source ingredients designed specifically to demonstrate the flair and variety of Belgium fine dining while having Belgian Craft Beer straight from the tap, enjoying our house Mixologist creation of Belgian Beer Cocktail and also as always, having our sister company SW wines offering a selection of vintages from one of the finest French cellars in Malaysia to pair with Chef Evert’s creations. Please join us for a unique taste of Brussels in the Petaling Jaya.

For more information on how you could enjoy this gastromical Belgian Week, log on to Soleil Restaurant website at or it’s Facebook page at or by calling the restaurant at +603 7932 5989.

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