Pier 12 Seafood Tavern @ Old Malaya : Seafood Sensation with touch of history

Located at the Old Malaya, the colonial building which is the old shaggy look had converted and light up the place with the fresh coat of paint, majestic look and it brings you with a complete different look.

With the fuse of nostalgic and olden feel; I am indeed falling in love with it so much. And now, in Old Malaya  consists of steakhouse Pampas, Malaysian fusion outlet Manja, celebrity chef Isadora Chai’s Antara, Chettiar Tiffin Cafe, Italian diner Luce and the newly-opened seafood tavern Pier 12. It also houses two bars under Pampas — Bar 1919 and Kapitan Bar.












And this round, we visited Pier 12 for a good choice of variety where you can enjoy good delicious food and not burning your pockets.


PIER 12 Garlic Prawns (RM28)

Start your meal with the delicious garlic prawn where they are well saute with garlic, salt, lemon juice and also the olive oil. The prawns that served with it comes simply pluppy and juicy. The dish comes simply impressive with the hint of garlic taste in it.


Deep fried Mini Squids (RM28)

Love some squids to go with it? And I will assured you that you will definitely falling in love with it. The mini squid which is imported all the way from Spain and served with the garlic mayo sauce which is made in house, Love how the batter is done with their homemade seasoning that brings you with the crispy and crunchy bites.


Pan Seared Scallop in White Wine Butter Sauce (RM38)

Served with the pluppy scallop which is well infused with the complete fragrance and flavours from the scallops itself. The scallops are just super awesome with the complete infusion of the white wine in it. I am just perfectly love the hint of the white wine and of course the pluppy juicy scallops.


Tandoori Flavoured Halibut Fish Fillet (RM38)

Imported all the way from Spain, the Halibut Fish Fillet is well seasoned till perfection with the Mint Yogurt Cucumber Raita and it is pen fried till perfection. The dish is awesomely prepared and the fish remains flaky and moist. The dish comes simply aromatic tandoori taste.


Cod fish Dijon (RM65)

Imported all the way from Spain, the cod fish being pan seared till perfection and topped with the whole grain mustard sauce and sides with the pumpkin coulis and roasted vegetables.Love the flaky texture of the cod fish itself and the mustrard sauce taste is not too over-powering.


Roast Spring Chicken (RM40)

The delicious spring chicken is indeed well roasted with the Lemon Rosemary Garlic Butter sauce. The hint of the garlic butter sauce is very distinctive and I love the right combination with the rosemary hint with it. Sides with the roast potatoes.


Panacotta (RM 20++) 

Don’t miss out their delicious panacotta which is filled with gelatin and vanilla flavours in it. The velvety texture of dessert not too sweet is juts perfect to my tastebuds.


Chocolate Mousse (RM 18++) 

Enjoy the delicious chocolate mousse where it is well infused with the dark chocolate, cream and egg yolk in it. The creamy taste of chocolate, completes with the sweet sensation. Oh my! This is divinely good.

A toast of wine or cocktail here would be simply a good match. Enjoy your meals with a cuppa liquer here and they have great deals of Blue Margarita tequila orang liquer blue caracoa which is priced at RM 10++ during the happy hour from 12 pm – 3 pm and 5 pm – 9 pm.  Others cocktail available in their men includes Paradise (RM28) and also Mojiterraneo (RM35)

If you are looking for a great ambience with awesomelicious seafood, Pier 12 Seafood Tavern will be a good choice too. They are also not just a restaurant, but they do catering and more.

Pier 12 Seafood Tavern
66-68, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.
+60 11-2611 2460

P/S: All pictures are taken using SD card by Pendrive.
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