Philips Viva Food Processor Review (HR7759/91)

I am not really a fashion freak but a gadget freak of course. I admits and I love kitchen appliances. Recently I have a food processor from Philips at home and it makes life even better.

There are many things that you need to know when you get a food processor and one of them is of course the voltage. Higher voltage is one of a must to look for when you are selecting for a food processor.  The higher voltage the better I can say but of course it ties to your budget as the higher voltage it is the price is even higher. But for the money you payed for Philips Food Processor; you indeed get a pretty much a good one with 750 W which is good enough for home use. Why higher voltage is better ? You need them to grind, cut and more. And sometimes you may continuous use them for more than 10 -20 minutes. So, it is better to have a  higher voltage.
It depends what you want to use for your food processor? Is it for grinding, is it for cutting , or even more. It actually depends your needs basically. Philips Food Processor comes  with 3 stainless steel plates for you to prepare your favourite ingredient. Performance has been tested extensively to provide the best slicing and shredding results. And it comes with the kneading tool works the dough with the right force and power to enable you to make the tastiest cakes and biscuits. Each of the disc enable you to cut your vegetables, grind and do what you need.
What they have in the set? 
Emulsifying tool
The perfect tool for whipping, whisking or emulsifying eggs or whipped cream. For best volume increase and fluffiness, use the low speed setting. Creating delicious desserts or mayonnaise has never been easier!
Kneading tool
The kneading tool works the dough with the right force and power to enable you to make the tastiest cakes and biscuits.
Stainless steel S blade
Sharp and strong stainless steel S blade for chopping
This is for making french fries
This is for slicing
Break resistant jar
It also comes with the break resistant jar for you to do your basic juicing, and smoothies as well. So, if you are looking to do more than juicing and blending, perhaps buying a food processor can be a good choice where you not able to do cutting but also for juicing as well.
So whats my say about the food processor? 
Pro: The food processor completes with all the basic needs for home user such as shredding, cutting, and also doing all the basic necessary meat mincing and more. With the price you are paying at RM 459 (RRP Price) ; you can get the basic with 2 pulse control which enables you to do the basic . All Philips products comes with 2 years warranty.
Cons: Shredding wise, they comes in only 1 size shredding. If you love to personalised the sizes of the ingredients for shredding and cutting, you could look for a higher models which fairly around RM 1,000 and one for one. It has only 2 pulse only where you need to be very fast in stopping the machine if you are going to make some heavy cream for frosting . If not, it would be fine.
And for those who are planning to get them; you can buy them at Blip.My offical website and now they have a pretty good deal there .
Tips: For those who want to get a citrus juicing as well with a variety sizes of shredding you can consider another model from Philips which is the HR7769/01 where it brings you with 850W and more functions
And finally what I make with my Philips Food Processor. Here goes some of the recipes:

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