Traditional Sambal Belachan

It is always a must in my home to have our sambal belachan and we find that it is easy to make with the food processor but we believe to have them with the traditional way which is using the old way which is using the stone mortar and pestle.
1. 300 g chilies
2.20 g belachan (Brand Cheong Kim Chuan (Blue Packing)
3. 10 pcs of the chili padi (I used Vietnam Chillies)
1. If you buy a normal belachan, toast the belachan on a
pan to reduce the smell of the belachan taste
2. Cut the chilies into small slices and then use the
mortal and pastle to grind till smooth ad small portion
3. Then add in the belachan
4. Once done, store them in a tight container
5. You can squeeze some lime into the sambal for some zesty taste.
(for easy way: you can do it with food processor or a blender where the texture is more smooth) 

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