Cofigar @ Taman Desa Petaling: A world of Cigar & Coffee

It is always a match between wine and cigar but the hidden jewel here bringing you with a better match which is cigar and coffee. Located in the Desa Petaling; a hidden jewel opposite MBO, Cofigar is a place MUST visit.



The Café Bar concept with the coffee with cigar all in one, is a place you can enjoy all day long. The café is well decorated with the elegant retro style with the tables, and chairs bringing you with the touch of western in it. From tables, chairs and little charms in the restaurant, they are carefully selected and it had made a perfect match to their café.

Chicken Bolongnese Pasta (RM 13)

If you love to grab some bites here, why not try their pasta selection, they have 3 types of pasta available which is the Cheesy Parmesan Carbonara Pasta with Smoked Turkey (RM 15.50) , Healthy Pesto Pasta (RM 13.50 ) and the Chicken Bolongnese Pasta (RM 13). The chicken Bolongnese  Pasta is just awesomely good where they are well cooked till al-dente bringing you with the springy noodles with chunks of chicken meat in it. Nicely done.

Brulee Cheese Cake (RM 10.90)

The brulee cheese cake is something u need and it is awesome as it is. The moist and light texture of the cheese cake is just so good and perfect to match with the coffee taste in it.


Dabble Chocolate Mille Cake (RM 12.90) 

The thick flavours of chocolate in it, well layered and moist. Each bites of the cake is just so heavenly which I am indeed impressed.


Rose Latte (RM 12.90)

Introduce to you is their Rose Latte. A name by itself had already tempt most female hearts.The modified version of the rose latte is where the coffee is sprinkled with dry rose and the sides with the dried rose petals. The decoration combining with the flowery unique cup had made a perfect match to the whole coffee itself. Making the presentation so pretty. The latte taste remains smooth and fragrant too.

Long black (RM 9.90)

It is a perfect match enjoying the bitter side of coffee with the cigar. The taste of thick and fragrant taste of the coffee combining with the hint of the cigar just a perfect match. So, why not have your cigar to go with it.

And not to further say more, you can buy and enjoy your cigar here. With a variety choices and brands of cigar here, the price per cigar are range from RM 49- RM 276.  For ladies, cigar can be for you too. They have the La Gloria Cubana Puritos (RM 14) Cigar cater just for you ladies, and men you can get the Quintero Nacionalas (RM 49) per cigar.


Hanami Tea (RM 10) 

One must also order their famous Hanami Tea which is so much of our favorite. Soothing tea with the hint of fragrant flower taste.

A cigar lover or not, Cofigar is a place not just for Cigar but also coffee and cakes. Indeed a worthy place to visit.

3A-1, Level 3A (Plaza Salak Park No2), 57100 Jalan 1 / 125E, Taman Desa Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (MBO opposite)
Phone: 0162522441
Hours: Sunday to Thursday (12pm ~ 12am)
Friday and Saturday (12pm ~ 2am)
Facebook page: https: //
Instagram: Cofigarlounge

All pictures is taken using the SD card from Pendrive


  1. Betty says

    The Rose latte attract my attention. Not a smoker so cigar is not suitable for me. Will introduce this to my guy friends.

  2. Shivani says

    Absolutely love Crepe Cake and this one looks really delicious. Love that there are so many cafes like this coming up – looks like this is a new place to explore soon.

  3. Danny says

    I love my cigars and coffee. Cofigar’s probably the first place dedicated to that particular combo.

    What a pity it wasnt listed on, or I would’ve found it sooner.

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