8 Reasons to Get an Honor 8

I need a NEW PHONE not for me but my beloved hubby , a person I highly respect and love!! And it is always a chance to win one. And now, I can have a chance to HAVE one and I am indeed impressed with the specs and it is simply suits his needs. And why should I have one of the Honor 8 for my upcoming hubby birthday. And why I should get him a NEW phone as I cannot TAHAN with his OLD OLD Phone that is ripping  soon!

1. Dual Sim

Dual Sim is something a programmer looking at! He is always in overseas and sometimes he needs to change SIM cards for travel and work. NO worry darling! I get you a phone with dual sim card and I can get hold of you at anytime and you never get your sim card lost now and forget the hassle of changing SIM Card! It is also easier for us to keep contact with him at anytime even the change of SIM Card.

2. High processor

Pokemon, RGB Games, Work, Photography, and also Working. No problem! And he do not need any laptops when doing work outdoor already! No more heavy bags when in malls as he can rely on it for his work. Honor8 is powered by an  octa-core CPU @4×2.3GHz + 4×1.8GHz built on a 16nm architecture. 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM enable flawless multitasking and seamless gaming. It is just perfect for those who love to play hi-resolution games or even those who needs fast processing speed. Open all his documents, emails and work with ease and the wide screen makes it easier for him to work!

3. Long Lasting Battery

You know guys? They never notice their phone out of battery or even sometimes they need more battery and power especially when playing Pokemon right. With the fast charging technology ; now you can have your battery charge in just 30 minutes from 0% to 47% and you can enjoy 10 hours non-stop video playback and speedy recharge. Now, he can have no worries on the battery capacity now!


4. Camera

Dual Camera is something comes just right! More light better picture and this is what we need in food blogging and maintaining our Instagram. No need torch anymore. With the dual lens,  I can have a better Instagram pictures and high quality photos under macro, black light, low-light, and complex conditions. With the built in dual ISP improves focus, speed, and process time when you take pictures. And now, having Honor 8 is just like getting a dslr on my hand,  wide aperture mode enables you to blur backgrounds from F0.95 to F16, and you can redefine the focus even after the photo has been taken, giving you more creative control over your images and not just that, they have professional mode too. More reasons for me to get him captured family pictures together.


5. Fingerprint scanner

Security is something everyone needs. He just love those security feature in the phone. And now, you can unlock your Honor 8 in only 0.4 seconds. The auto-learning skills of the fingerprint sensor improve the recognition of your fingerprint over time. Security is indeed a neeed especially with a little girl at our home. She might be playing with our phone and perhaps she will unlock and mistakenly purchase some apps online. With the high security, hubby had no worries anymore our girl playing his phone

6. Glass is at the back

Classy Feel, I am just loving how it is like especially for my hubby. Love the taste of it and I am just can’t believe on the classy color especially the blue one, when it goes to the sun. With the 15-layer craftsmanship and light-catching glass finish makes the Honor 8 stand out from the crowd! The reflection with the sunlight comes pretty lovely. Not just that, the Honor 8 bucks the brand’s trend for metal-bodied phones with a glass front and back and metal around the sides. It’s a simple, attractive design, which feels very solid.easy to keep a grip of. Oh my! I cant believe the colors and how it looks when my OPPA see them!

7. Display

Nice and beautiful display! And the display brings you with the Full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. And it is also comes with the settings of blue filter mode called “Eye Comfort”. This tweaks the colour temperature to make it less harsh at night. There are other colour temperature tweaks such as making it warmer or cooler. And with this features, I am assured my hubby will never get his eyes strain.


8. Intelligent Communication

Wifi is very important for those who are working and even connecting with internet. At anytime, connecting to internet is now is not impossible! They comes with Double antenna switch where the onor 8 seamlessly selects the antenna with the strongest signal to ensure you always have the best possible reception. It is also comes with the Smart Roaming where they have the international carrier database enables your device to register on local networks faster when roaming. The Honor 8 supports 2.4 GHz/5 GHz bands and defaults to the faster 5 GHz band unless the 2.4 GHz signal is stronger.

and not just that Honor8 is something i wanted to honour him for all the love he gave to me and our family

Happy Birthday my dear husband

On this day. I wanted to have a good birthday gift for you replacing your years using the old handphone

Not just a gift, but is the honour I have a great hubby like you

Open your hearts to love me and our little girl, protect us, give us the best

Regardless how hard you work ; the money you earn , the time you spend

8 hours a day in work;  back with daily needs of our home.

With this, with high respect hubby, Honor 8 is perfectly an honour to give it

on your birthday by your beloved wife and daughter 

for your birthday. With this, we hope we can have more nicer family selfie taken, and helps you in your work!

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