#SingaporeJunior: New Web Series Debuts

Going on a family holiday can be challenging, but who says it can’t be fun? First episode premiering today (August 19) on Singapore Tourism Board’s Facebook page (www.YourSingapore.my/junior), #SingaporeJunior shines a spotlight on the fun and excitement of a family vacation in Singapore from the perspective of two young and active travel globetrotters.

The #SingaporeJunior web series consists of 7 episodes with subtitles available in all three languages – English, Bahasa and Mandarin. The web series is narrated by Arissa Afrina, 8 and Amelia Lee, 9, two young travellers who embody the sense of wonder and excitement of travelling.

Their adventure began when they take over from the adults and plan a vacation their way. Each episode introduces ideas on how to make family travel fun: from planning, packing, looking up places to go, how to keep up with their bottomless energy, to their friendly advice to mom and dad on how to deal with their occasional episodes bouts of tantrum.

Episode 1 – ‘Packing Up’
Amelia and Arissa are about to go on an exciting family trip to Singapore! They can’t wait for all the adventures they’re about to have all the memories they’re going to make. Along the way, they’ll show you how to make family vacations a success and let us in on their travel tips.

Episode 2 – ‘Capturing Memories’
Armed with a camera, Amelia and Arissa set out to capture as many memories as possible! There are so many amazing things to discover when you have a camera in your hand and the girls are going to show you how photos make your family vacation even better!

Episode 3 – ‘Discover Together’
Amelia and Arissa embark on new adventures and discover new things together. Along the way, they’ll show you the importance of experiencing new things together as a family. Get ready for an exciting time as Amelia and Arissa try their hands on zoo-keeping and much more!

Episode 4 – ‘Keeping Up with The Kids’
Kids are super energetic! This is why Amelia and Arissa can’t wait to go out and take part in adventures that require them to be active. As they zoom around the town, they learn how to handle new challenges as well as just have fun and live in the moment with their families.

Episode 5 – ‘Dealing with Child Pains’
Like adults, kids can get moody too, and Amelia and Arissa are no exception! This time, the girls take us through a few challenging situations that could affect everyone’s mood when on holiday and let us in on how we can smooth things out.

Episode 6 – ‘Sparking Creativity’
It’s good to encourage kids to channel their creativity into learning experiences! In this episode, Amelia and Arissa expand their imagination and come up with ideas they never thought they could. While they’re busy having fun, they also pick up skills from the new things they learn!

Episode 7 – ‘Taking A Break’
With so many hectic activities going on, it’s time for Amelia and Arissa to take a break and relax. The girls discuss the benefits of relaxation and the importance of taking a break. They also look back on the adventures and memories that they’ve made throughout their trip.

Globetrotter kids’ episode favorites:

1. Bubble party at Port of Lost Wonder – “Who will not go crazy at a bubble party!”, Episode 4
2. Imagine and create at the Future World Exhibition at ArtScience Museum – “The crystal lights are like stars and makes me feel like I am in space.”, Episode 2
3. Getting wild at Singapore Zoo – “Feeding Caterpillar! They are so soft and fluffy.”, Episode 3
4. Cruising down Sentosa with exhilaration at Skyline Luge – “Once is never enough!”, Episode 4
5. Get creative with pancake at Slappy Cakes – “I can eat my own creation, and its pancake!”, Episode 6

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