Timbre @ The Row: Great Place for a Night Hangout

Another great place to hangout for weekend night or even after work gathering. This is indeed a great place to hang out with the Singapore’s live music giant, the Timbre Group has opened its first regional outpost at The Row, one of the city’s hippest new addresses.

Decor-wise the restaurant and bar maintains its signature wood-accented interior while menu wise is so IT Savvy where it is operated via a pad. Menu wise it is pretty extensive with loads of tapas, as well as pizzas and mains too.

Timbre Mojito (RM 26)
In here, enjoy the variety of cocktails from their menu where they have the classic mojito, grape mojito or even lychee mojito. We had their signature mojito which is one of their signature. Comes with the Bacardi Carta Blanca, Fresh Mint, Lime Juice, Sugar, Club Soda and most important is is frozen.

Cucumber & Mint Gin Fizz (RM 26)
Sipped the freshness of the cucumber and mint gin fizz. Enjoy the Tanqueray, London Dry Gin, Lime Juice, Elderflower Syrup, Fresh Cucumber, Mint Leave and Club Soda all in one. Nice one.

Lychee & Strawberry Tea (RM 12)
The combination of lychee syrup, tea and fresh strawberry. All in one but we found that it is pretty sweet to our preference. But overall is still a good one!

Mixed Berry Margarita (RM23)
Combination of Jose Cuervo Tequila, Gran Marnier, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup, Fresh Grapes, Fresh Blueberries and fresh Strawberry. The drink comes refreshing with the kick of fragrant tequila in it.

Enjoy a variety choices of tapas, from the western style to the fusion. There is something for everyone with the good choices of Nachos with Crabmeat, Brochette of Beef Brisket, Ribeye Fillet and also Crackling Chicken Skin. Each portion comes pretty generous and we enjoyed them so much.

Chilli, Cilantro & Coconut Cream Mussels (RM 23)
The plate of savoury and yet fresh black shell mussels is well cooked in spicy coconut cream, and served with toasted ciabatta. The sauce comes creamy with light spiciness comes simply addictive and we wipe clean the bplate with the toasted ciabatta.

Satay Beef Fries (RM14)
Love fries? Why not enjoy the delicious crispy pipping hot fries topped with the stewed satay minced beef. Garnished with the green onions on top. Well, order some beer and enjoy them while watching the performance of the night.

Rak of Sambal Crusted Lamb Loins (RM 34)
With a twist of fusion, enjoy the tender juicy lamb loin with the sautéed sweet peas, caramelised onions and served together with the coconut lemongrass emulsion and chickepeas. We love how the lamb is being prepared where the lamb comes with no greasiness nor any gamy smell too.

And of course, pizza is one of the signature here. You can have the whole pizza or choose to have any two pizza flavours in one pizza. Choose a good list of pizza where you can enjoy Cajun Chicken with Crispy Skin , Timbre Seafood, Roasted Garlic Shrimp, Pepperoni, Vegetarian pizza, Smoked salmon, Cheeseburger or more. We had the combination of their two signature pizza selection which is the Roasted Duck and another is the Crispy Caramel Anchovies.

We had half which is the Roasted Duck. Comes with the delicate roasted duck meat, together with the sautéed shiitake mushroom with hoisin sauce, topped with the mozzarella cheese and crispy popiah skin. I just love the crispy popiah skin on top. Fancy and yet crunchy and is fun munching them with pizza too.

Crispy caramel Anchovies
Another is the Crispy caramel Anchovies served with the red onions, pineapples, on a sambal base, topped with the mozzarella cheese, and topped with the julienne cucumber and drizzled with aioli. This is simply addictive with the caramel based taste. Love this one.

Overall, the ambience is simply good and it would be a great relaxing timing for me to be there. Why not take a break and enjoy your lovely evening with some friends there.  And whats more they have a live band form Wednesday to Saurday too.

60, 62, 64, Jalan Doraisamy
The Row
Kuala Lumpur 50300
06:00pm – 01:00am ( Monday To Thursday)
06.00 pm- 02.00 am ( Friday & Saturday)
Closed on Sunday
+60 3 2602 2623 (call after 5pm)

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