Editor Picks: 10 Food To Eat in New Lane, Penang !

Lorong Baru or mainly called as New Lane in Penang is also another street where you can grab good food there. Well, while we are staying in Sunway Hotel in Penang, walking out of the hotel and we grab good food here. And I can say I am blessed with good food while staying in the hotel. So, what to eat in this Lorong Baru?

1. Porridge at Kopitiam Goh Chiew
A porridge stall in Goh Chiew Kopitiam brings you with another style of porridge (RM 7.00) , not those velvety porridge but their porridge are more to rice with soup and topped with chunks of fish meat, on top. I love the freshness of the fish itself and overall the taste is pretty good too.

2. Fried Fish Bihun @ Koptiam Goh Chiew
Fried Fish Bihun is one of the famous one here, waited for nearly one hour for the fried bihun and it is pretty good. It sides with pieces of deep fried fish by the side but I would say no to ordered an extra prawn to go with it where it will definitely burn your pocket just because of a prawn which is priced at RM 7 each. Oh no!

3. Apom Balik @ In front of  Kopitiam Goh Chiew
Apom Balik here is pretty good too. Crispy edges and the aromatic eggy taste. Awesome!


  1. says

    An excellent selection of choices there. I would definitely make use of this list when I am in Penang. Been going there often for work.

  2. Patrick Chin says

    I used to grew up around New Lane, even before Sunway hotel was built. The corner coffee shop is one of my favorite food store that I used to eat. Their BLACK BEAN BUN is the best.

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