Easy Tomyam Seafood

1. 1 pack of Roi Thai Coconut Based Tomyam
2. 1 stick of Lemon Grass
3. 2 tomatoes
4. 1 onions
5. Lime juice (I used
4 small lime)
6.  Cuttlefish
balls from Nikudo
7. Lobster balls from Nikudo
8.  Squid Balls
from Nikudo
9. Prawns from Nikudo
10. Squids from Nikudo
11. 200 ml water
12. 5 pcs of dried chili
1. Put in 1 pack of Roi Thai Coconut Based Tomyam with 200ml water
2. Put in the lemon grass, tomatoes, onions to boil
3. Add in all the ingredients with the lemon juice
4. Once it is fully cooked, served them hot
Note: Ingredients are from Nikudo and Tomatoes are from EcoHarvest


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