How healthy is your vegetables? Perhaps all of us would love to have the best for our family. I am always concern on what I am giving my family and assured I am giving them the best. Not long ago, I found out a brand by the name of ecoHarvest where they brings you with the fresh and healthier choice of vegetable.

1. Less Use of Chemical, Fertilizers
In EcoHarvest, theirproducts are less use of chemical and herbicide vegetables and fruits at their 100 acre farm in Kluang, Johor, using proprietary farming technology. This is where their products are in good quality control and they have their own chilled-logistcs to deliver their fresh products to all distributors.

2. Affordable Price
Compared to many brands, the price comes simply affordable where the price is much cheaper than many brands. For a quality assured products that I am having, the charges comes simply affordable and not sky high.

3. Quality Product
I also find their products indeed a quality products where the veges are not bitter after we cooked them. This is because with less chemical; you can get the quality taste without any bitterness in it. Not just that, we love their corns as it is just so sweet with us just boiled them up.

4. Clean Packaging
Being a working mum, buying vege is easy but I am pretty much have not much time spare in cleaning vegetables. I preferred to buy them in clean packaging and I just chucked them into the refrigerator and when I need to cook, I will get them out. There are times I buy vegetables which is not well packed and clean and I ended up cleaning up the fridge which is even much work to do.

5. Wide Range /Easy To Find
Aside from the good quality products, they are widely available in Klang Valley where are now available at all Jaya Grocers  , OTK Puchong, Sentul, Gombak, Village Grocer Citta Mall, Village Grocer Sunway Giza, Village Grocer Atria and De Market at Taman Desa.

So, why wait ? Starts your healthy living now with EcoHarvest



  1. says

    Nowadays we have to be extra careful with our food, in fear it might harmful to our health. That is why I always clean my food with Bio Ozone Food Purifier. It cleanses the food (vege/ seafood/ meat) from any harmful substances and purify it for consumption.

  2. Betty liew says

    No wonder so familiar the brand as i buy grocery from Village grocer. Next time I will try this brand. So fresh

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