Boxgreen : Discover better healthy snacks

Being working in office or even home based mum, I always love munching food whenever I am working or even watching movie. We often stock up loads of snacks in our cupboard so we can enjoy them at anytime but do you know many of the snacks we had are not healthy and also may cause cancer and obesity too.
Now, I am turning my snacks to a healthy one. Instead of those commercial snacks in the market, I am getting my monthly healthy snack box which is completely worthy. It is just fun munching all the good food all in packets.


The packaging is cool and it comes with a sweet note for us. Well packaged in a box and it comes simply beautiful with all the small packets in it.


Well, I love some of their selections where the bearylicious is one of them. Love the combination of Blueberry, Cranberry, Midget Golden Raisin and Goji Berry. Nicely done and simply addictive. It is not too sweet and it is full of vitamins and high- oxidant in it. Yummz.


Other good ones is the Cranberry Fusion which is the Raspberry-infused with cranberries juice. Since I am a berry person, i love their berry collection.
Other than the berries selection, they have kacang power, twilight cherry express, el mexicano, rocky pacan brittle, cranberry afternoon biscotti , heart strong and more.


BoxGreen Team Box is a great fit for any sized company. Have it in bulk size which is at 500g bags or single serve option in 30g. They have also little bags for those who are looking to order them.  But for home users like me I prefer the smaller packs so I can put them in my handbag and carry them any where. It is so easy.
So why wait, start your healthy snack now with box green where you can enjoy 4 snack varieties with 12 bags of snacks per box. You can even choose your own snacks.
No worries about the subscription. They can be pauce or cancel at any time and free shipping is provided. Priced per box is at RM 59.90
 Checkout their website now at

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