Recently Bandar Sunway comes up with loads of cafe and eateries and the recent one is HOPP Cafe which is located  at a new building.  The HOPP restaurant is created by a group of “Happy, Optimistic and Positive People” that serves serves a range of Western-Malaysian fusion selection such as paellas, pizzas, pastas and a Malaysian taste corner that established since 18th March 2016Besides, the HOPP cafe also carries the meaning of House Of Paellas, Pizzas and Pastas.

This round I am not here for pasta nor Paellas but I am here for their cakes. The cheesecake is from “Cat and the Fiddle”, which is the first online specialist cheesecake store in Singapore. All of the Cheesecake is created by renowned pastry chef and the brainchild of Cat & the Fiddle, Chef Daniel Tay is one of the most well-loved names in luxury desserts in Singapore.

Over the moon (RM11.90)

All the way to Malaysia, we had tried Over the moon (RM11.90) and The Russion Whisker (RM11.90). Over the Moon is where the classic New York cheese cake which is well served till perfection. The cake comes moist and good with the creamy cheesy taste. Every mouthful is just so good and melts in the mouth.


The Russian Whisker (RM11.90) 

Mango Cheese Cake served with vanilla gelato is something worth to try here. I love the right blend with the right combination of the mango in it. Bringing you with the zesty sweet mango bites together with the creamy cake.

10A, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway. Subang Jaya
Contact : 03-5613 3366

Operating Hours:
Daily 11am-10pm


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