Yong Sheng recently launched their  dumplings in conjunction with the Dragon Boat Festival.  Their dumplings   comes with a  variety of choices  and we are glad to be able to try some of their dumpling selection. Their dumpling selection in their shop includes the King Dumpling, Xiang Fei Dumpling, Royal Vege Dumpling, Nyonya Dumpling, Pandan Crystal Dumpling and many more.

We had the King Dumpling Emperor dumpling where the dumpling is complete with the rich ingredients which includes the scallops, dried oysters, shrimp, salted egg yolk, chestnut and also the braised pork and mushroom.

Aside, we also tried their Xiang Fei Dumplings where they use the full round grain fine rice and wrapped with the scallops, dried oystes, shrimps, chestnuts, stewed pork belly meat, chicken and pine mushrooms. Cooked for long hours, you can smell the rich fragrance of the dumpling.

If you are looking for some dumpling, you may heads to Yong Sheng to get them. I have save some of them for this weekend. Just stored them in the freezer and warm them up when you need to have them.

Where can you get them. Check them out here:http://welcome.yongsheng.com.my/#contact_sec

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