For the upcoming month of Ramadhan, Vistana Hotels is proud to present its famous ‘Tok Wan 101 Recipes’ Ramadhan feast. From 7 2016, guests are invited to enjoy this traditional Malay spread for the breaking of the daily fast, or ‘buka puasa’ at only MYR65 nett per person at Vistana Hotels -Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan and Penang.

Themed with authentic Malay dishes inspired by Tok Wans everywhere –Tok Wan being a colloquial Pahang state term for grandmother; Tok Wan 101 promises an assortment of fresh tangy salads such as kerabu mangga, kerabu sotong and kerabu kaki ayam, a healthy selection of ulam-ulaman or herbal salads such as ulam raja, jantung pisang, four-angled beans and petai, coupled with palate opening sambals and sauces including sambal belacan, cencaluk, tempoyak, budu and sambal nenas, all bound to get the appetite going. Tok Wan also inspires a hearty sup daging amongst others.

Tok Wan’s main course spread features succulent ayam goreng berempah, ikan cencaru belah belakang, daging rendang tok, siput belitung masak lemak cili padi, gulai daging, ikan patin masak tempoyak and pucuk ubi masak lemak. The all-time Penang favourites such as asam laksa, murtabak, rojak and pasembur are also served. A signature ‘Bakar Bakar’ cooked to order station is also available serving freshly grilled satay, kambing panggang, ikan panggang and ayam panggang, accompanied with special sauces.

For desserts, one is spoilt for choice with an array of of traditonal Malay kuih-muih such as kuih cara manis, onde-onde, seri muka, ketayap and kuih loyang and should you prefer an icy local treat at the end of your meal, the celebrated ice kacang is also available at the dessert counter.

The Ramadhan-inspired buffet will be held in the ground floor Ballroom and the hotel is complete with ample parking spaces, making it convenient for large groups, and prayer rooms to further cater to its Muslim guests celebrating this blessed month.

The Tok Wan 101 Recipes is priced at MYR65 nett per adult and MYR30 nett per child aged 4-12 years old and available from 7th June to 5 . th July 2016. Visit or call +60 4 646 8000 for enquiries and reservations

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