Share your delicious ice cream with family and friends at anytime and recently Nestle Aiskrim TRADISI  launched their warm moments of togetherness through the tradition. 


It comes with the local Classic flavours such as the Sirap Bandung and Coconut Gula Sago Melaka in the form of “ice cream potong” which is one of the first in Malaysia.
Why not enjoy their delicious ice cream where it brings back the old and fond memories during the younger days with Nestle. With the tag line of “Ukir Senyuman dengan Sepotong Kenangan ” (Savour  the Delightful Taste of Tradition) where they aims to signify creating happy family moments with tradition.


And what’s more enjoyable is their Sirap Bandung and Coconut Gula Melaka are made authenticity with their finest flavours in Malaysia palate.
I am pretty impressed with their creation where both the Sirap Bandung and the local delicacies like the Coconut Gula Melaka is something which is all time favourites and an ideal deserts for Malaysian. As times goes by, many of us tends to forgot our local delicacies especially the younger generations and now it brings back loads of memories during the school days enjoying the ice cream potong.
And you can get them in most of he hyper markets and supermarkets nationwide that comes in multipack of 8 stick per pack at an affordable price of RM 7.90. Comes with the variants of Sirap Bandung, Gula Melaka or even Red Bean depending your preference.  For more information, you may visit their web at Nestle Ice Cream TRADISI at

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