It is always good to have your Nuttela filled with some love and now I have our mFoodie Nuttela just good for our breakfast and I used to buy loads especially giving to friends and family. And now, it comes even much more meaningful where we can have them with their name with it.

Recognising this, Nutella pays tribute to what makes a person special with the #YourNutella campaign, celebrating our names as a way of saying thank you to all its fans.

“Nutella has been a huge part of many Malaysians’ childhoods as they enjoyed the spread at the breakfast table. We recognize our fans’ passion for Nutella and our role in their lives growing up, so we want to express our appreciation for the support and loyalty they have given us over the years. Everyone’s name is special, just like our shared memories with our fans, so we hope that our #YourNutella campaign will aptly convey our gratitude for their support,” shares Fabian Heymer, Brand Manager for Nutella South East Asia.

The launch of #YourNutella in Malaysia will be held at One Utama from 9 to 13 March 2016. Fans of Nutella are welcomed to join in the fun and also get a personalized jar for themselves. Purchase a jar of Nutella (RM15.90) and you can have your jar personalized at the #YourNutella factory onsite. The event will also have a variety of fun activities for the whole family such as games and an instagram booth.

From mid-April to the end of May, participating supermarkets and hypermarkets will also carry the name label standees, with selected stores running promotional events for fans to get their own name labels. The list of stores can be found on the official website for the campaign

For fans who are unable to find their names in the standees, the website will be launched on 14 March 2016. This will allow anyone to customize their own labels and have them sent to their email address.

To contribute to the campaign, take a picture and tell your story, then tag the @NutellaSEA instagram account with hashtag #YourNutella.

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