The ‘Experience Macau’ event at the Pavilion KL, has proved to be a big smash with visitors who have been enjoying the interactive exhibits, competitions, information and exclusive travel packages offered at the event.

MGTO Director Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, who visited the ‘Macau Experience’ on 29 October, said, “We are delighted that Malaysians have proved so interested in the Macau Experience. We hope that visitors have fun with the interactive exhibits, but also learn more about the delights and hidden gems that Macau can offer. We welcome Malaysian visitors to our home and look forward to meeting many more in the future as a result of this event and our other marketing efforts.”

Director Senna Fernandes together with Head of Marketing Division Cora Vong, Macau Advocates Intan Ladyana, Steven Goh and Ng Sock Peng visited the interactive attractions of ‘Experience Macau’. They also presented on the stage to seal a Time Capsule in which they have written down a secret note and a Polaroid picture for posterity.

The event, organized by the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) in Malaysia, re-creates the ambience of Macau’s famous Senado Square with both indoor and outdoor areas and replication of a variety of Macau pavements to give visitors the real feel for the destination. Visitor numbers and the uptake of promotional Macau package tours being offered by travel agents at the event are an indication that Malaysians are enjoying their Macau experience.

In the evening, Director Senna Fernandes had a networking & gathering dinner with top supportive travel agents who have been selling and promoting Destination Macau throughout the year.

Interactive elements that have proved popular include a Grand Prix Simulator programmed with the Macau Guia Circuit. This allows visitors to feel the excitement of racing on the Macau track. Visitors have also been able to interact with specially created photo walls, including a ‘Macau 3D Art Wall’ and a ‘UNESCO Heritage Sites Wall’, allowing them to share their Macau moments with family and friends via social media – and in the process win a number of cool prizes.

Another activity that has been well liked by visitors is the chance to obtain their own personalized ‘Macau themed’ caricatures to take home with them. These are created by a speed artist specially commissioned for the duration of the event.

Commenting on the ‘Macau Experience’, the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) Representative Tunku Dato’ Seri Iskandar Abdullah said, “We are very pleased to note that ‘Experience Macau’ has been well received by the discerning public in Kuala Lumpur judging by the number of visitors here, and by the response to the package tours offered by the four travel agents participating in the event.”

As well its interactive attractions, the ‘Experience Macau’ has also provided interested visitors with lots of fun facts and advice. There are a number of big events and festivals lined up in November and December 2015 to coincide with the Macau Grand Prix and the 10th Anniversary of the Inscription of ‘The Historic Centre of Macao’ on World Heritage List. The 2016 schedule is equally packed with stimulating events that have been inspiring wanderlust in some adventurous Malaysians.

Visitors have just a few more days to experience Macau for themselves (and take advantage of the various competitions and promotional packages) as the event wraps up on 1 November.

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