Being in Ipoh , one of the makan places to go includes the Tong Sui Kai where you can have a grab a nice desserts at night. The best spot to gather for a late night supper with fellow friends or an outing with colleagues was at Tong Sui Kai; rich with an array of cheap and sumptuous hawker fare.

Most of the stalls stay open until way past midnight and offer more varieties than the conventional coffee shop. It is my first time here after our meal in the restaurant. If you are looking for nice desserts, pass this area and go to the part opposite Rainbow City kopitiam (Stall 41) which is recommended by one of my local friends.
I had their Mixed Fruit Shaved Ice with Ice-cream 什果雪 (RM 6.50 nett) which comes awesomely good with the variety of fruits all in 1 bowl. You can find the Longan, watermelon, mango, dragonfruit, honeydew, watermelon and more. Topped with a scope of ice cream on top and smooth shave ice at the below.
tim pun kAI
For those who love to get some sweet and sourish combination, try Ai Yu Jelly Ice 爱玉冰 (RM 3.50 nett). The taste is simply refreshing and tempting.

Tong Sui Kai
Jalan Sultan Ekram Taman Jubilee, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
6 pm – 2 am daily

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