Tiffany’s New York Bar welcomes Trio ELF, one of the internationally most acclaimed German jazz groups, to perform live on our own stage. It’s the only band from Germany that recently received a whole page in the American Downbeat, the most famous jazz magazine in the world.
Trio ELF is part of a new German jazz generation. They are unearthing what once has made jazz so great: risk, new sounds and bursts of energy. Their musical ease stems from melodies of an almost hymnic quality, dazzling rhythms and surprising dynamic shifts arising from a collective breathing of three equal voices.
In creating their individual sound, the talented group is known to modify melodies greatly without sacrificing the essence of the original music.
Trio ELF has truly re-invented the classic jazz piano trio in recent years by using sounds of contemporary club style as a kickoff for improvisation.
Their warm acoustic sound is augmented by the creative use of electronics. This addition of an electronic element has also been a factor that has made their performances one of those events that no music lover should miss out on.
Come and submerge yourself in Trio ELF’s performance at Tiffany’s New York Bar on 10 November 2015 at 8pm and enjoy a night of hip grooves.
For enquiries or reservations, please call Tiffany’s New York Bar at (852) 2585 2545.

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