Harbour Grand Hong Kong’s Kwan Cheuk Heen is proud to be the winner of two awards, the Gold with Distinction Award in Dim Sum (Chiu Chow style Dumplings) category and the Silver Award in Chicken Pot category, of the culinary event of the year – 2015 Best of the Best Culinary Awards organized by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

The delicately prepared Steamed Rice Dumplings have brought the Dim Sum Sou Chef Sam Lam the Gold with Distinction Award. Chef Sam creates the Dim Sum with incredible creativity surpassing other typical Chiu-Chow style Rice Dumplings in both taste and appearance. Creating a wrap made of glutinous red rice brings a natural attractive pink colour to the dumpling which is topped with gold foil. Apart from the regular ingredients of Chiu Chow style dumplings which include yam bean, wild celery, Chinese leek, peanuts and prawns, fresh pork belly is featured and braised for four hours together with sha cha sauce and five spice powder to conclude an extraordinary taste.

Another winning dish, Braised Chicken and Green Crab with Chinese Rice Wine in Clay Pot, stands out in the Chicken Pot category. Executive Sous Chef Ki Wong of Kwan Cheuk Heen picks tasty Vietnamese crabs and chicken meticulously. The soup is made with three kinds of traditional Chinese rice wine, i.e. high-grade Shaoxing Wine, Kiu Kiang Shuang Jin Rice Wine and Rose Cooking Wine, added to clear chicken soup. The crabs and chicken, effuse slight wine flavour bringing the whole dish to an outstanding level of taste.

Both the Steamed Rice Dumplings and Braised Chicken and Green Crab with Chinese Rice Wine in Clay Pot are now available at Kwan Cheuk Heen. Come and savour the culinary delicacies prepared by our award winning chefs

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