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Located at Jaya 33, which is just nearby from my office I often pop to Ramen Ten but it fails me earlier. Recently, I make my try again in Ramen Ten after they have revamped their menu which brings me much more surprises.

ramen ten
Started off with Ramen Ten which is the’ Noodle Shop’ in Japanese, was established back in 2002 with an outlet in Far East Plaza, Singapore, which is the 1st Halal Japanese Restaurant certified by Majlis Ulama Islam Singapura (MUIS) in Singapore. Back in 2008, Ramen Ten expanded its store section by introducing Shin Tokyo Sushi that translates to ‘New Tokyo Sushi’ in Japanese. Shin Tokyo was created and adopted the concept of serving a fusion of a variety of Japanese Sushi that includes the creation of ‘Spicy Sushi Range’ served on conveyor belts.
ramen ten

ramen ten
Santen Sashimi Moriawase (RM 33.90)
For Sashimi lover, don’t miss their Sashimi Platter where they comes with 3 different choices of fresh fish which is from Salmon, Salmon Belly and Tuna (Maguro). Freshly cut and served on the bed of ice. Each mouthful is indeed good and tempting.
ramen ten
Soft Shell Crab To Salmon Skin Salad (RM 23.90)

Kicked off your meal with some healthy delights. The bowl of greenies topped with the soft shell crab and salmon skin in it. Enjoy the greenies where you can get the taste of the deep fried whole soft shell crab, crispy salmon skin, cherry tomatoes, carrots topped with a creamy runny house made Ni Tamago . Tossed your salad with their special home-made sesame sauce .
ramen ten
Tuna Mayo Roll – RM16.90
For those who are a big fans of sushi, the Tuna Mayo Roll is indeed something unique. The sushi is being wrapped with the tamago and fresh Japanese Cucumber and coated with the generous ebiko. It is being topped with their homemade tuna mayo in teriyaki sauce on top.Something different from many sushi joints where they will have the tuna inside.
ramen ten

Asari Butter Soup ( RM11.90)

The warm soup- Asari Butter Soup where the clam soup brings you with the blend of sweet seafood taste. The butter goes very well with fresh clam resulting in a delicious stock with natural goodness and flavour.
ramen ten
Deliciously done with the crispy bites at the outside and inside remains is moist and juiciness in it.
ramen ten
ramen ten

Tom Yum Chicken Katsu Ramen (RM 22.05)
The generous portion of ramen with the twist of Asian is available here. The Tomyam Taste comes with the kick of hot pipping spiciness and it is topped with a half tamago lava egg, lime. nori sheets, chopped scallion and some bean sprout/julienne carrots for added crunch. Served together with it si a geneorous portion of chicken katsu with it. What we love is the creamy and fragrant tom yum ramen with the kick of spiciness that will surely tempt you for a second bowl.
ramen ten
Deluxe Menu (RM 28.90)
For those who want to have a try of bits and bites from their menu, try their Deluxe Menu. Having bits and bites from their signatures, the portion comes pretty generous where the set comprise of sashimi, noodles, rice, chawanmushi, tempura, california roll, miso soup, salad and fruits.

Ramen Ten & Shin Tokyo Sushi
Jaya 33 Lot PG-02B
Level Podium Ground Floor
Jalan Semangat Section 13
46100 Petaling Jaya
Tel 03-7955 7558
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/RamenTenShinTokyoSushiMalaysia

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