Appease your palate with the zests of five course dining, as InterContinental Kuala Lumpur’s premier, upscale Japanese restaurant, the Tatsu Japanese Cuisine, satiate you with the finest Lobster courses from 1 July 2015 till 31 August 2015.

Offering only the best, executive chef Tadashi Inose brings forward a special five-course dining with the premium live lobster. The dining experience starts out with the choices of shredded radish, lady fingers with mushroom, and tasty wild duck served as appetisers. A deluxe treat of fresh sashimi in assortments of tuna belly, yellowtail and salmon follows, subsequent to the main course highlight of lobster hamanabe and lobster miso gratin.

The lobster hamanabe, immersed by the great flavours of lobster and vegetables in hot pot (with the accompaniment of ‘Rice porridge’ or ‘Udon noodle’) is paired along with exotic miso and garlic seasoning. Another tempting choice is the luscious lobster miso gratin, grilled with a side of white miso paste. This lobster course can be enjoyed with the accompaniment of rice, miso soup, and pickles for a fulfilling gastronomic sensation. The dining experience wraps up in a sweet note, with scoops of Japanese green tea ice cream topped with mixed berries.

Relish gourmet desires with loved ones, enjoy the scrumptious dining of Lobster Courses at RM 650 for 2 persons. For reservations, call Tatsu at 03-2782 6118 or email the team at [email protected]. Tatsu Japanese Cuisine is open daily from 11:30am to 2.30 pm for lunch and 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm for dinner. Visit us at www.intercontinental-kl.com.my for more information, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @intercontinental.kualalumpur, Twitter @ interconkl.

Tatsu Japanese Cuisine, located at level 1 of InterContinental Kuala Lumpur is a premier, upscale Japanese restaurant. Deriving its name from the word “Tatsu-jin” meaning master or expert, Tatsu brings a sophisticated twist to the traditional dining experience as it combines a subtle blend of Japanese aesthetics with contemporary yet minimalist design.

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