PUTIEN celebrates the arrival of summer with new seasonal menu

Fine quality ingredients specially flown in from the coastal city of Putian retains natural flavours from the source

1 June 2015, Malaysia – Summer in Putian, China is the season of harvest. After our Vigorous Spring menu, families sought to harvest fresh produce from the field and streams. This season with full of activity, is what inspired this year’s new Summer menu – Summer’s Bliss.

This year, the menu is created based on the 24 solar terms. Summer solar terms cross over the months of June to August and during this period of time, it is best to consume ‘cooling’ good to counter the blistering heat for better health. For example, Green Beans are used as ingredients in the ‘Cooling Green Bean Drink’ that could achieve the balance of yin and yang during this season’s weather as they are one of the finest ‘cooling’ and detoxifying foods. They not only quench thirst but also replenish the loss of inorganic salts and restores electrolyte balance.

The wholesome menu also features specially tuned Putian dishes such Stir-fried Lotus Root with Prawn and Pan-fried Tomatoes with Minced Pork. Diners can look forward to quality dishes prepared with traditional and natural methods which retain the original taste of ingredients used. The summer menu will be available from June 1st till August 31st 2015

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