Introducing our cake of the month, passion
fruit chocolate cheesecake, that shall be highlighted exclusively at the
Melting Pot Café for the entire duration of January.

Crafted specially by our distinguished
pastry chef, this cake combines the rich taste of dark chocolate with the
wholesome goodness of fresh cream, cream cheese laced and balanced with the
zesty, sour tang of passion fruit puree that guarantees a refreshing experience
for dessert lovers of all kinds.
Divided into three layers with a layer of
passion fruit mousse as filling in between of vanilla sponge and bright vibrant
casis as the top layer. This cheesecake is a proud creation of the celebrated
pastry chef, who has had an experience of decades of exploring the endless
possibilities of diversity to satisfy sweet tooth fantasies and cravings.

Treat yourself to this satisfying ordeal at only RM12.00++
per slice, RM95.00++ per kg. For orders, please call Melting Pot Café at 2717


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