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The famous brands in Starhill, with the quality seafood delights are at here – Fisherman Cove which brings you a great seafood selection with fresh ingredients. The city’s high-end offering to the seafood scene manages to overcome the obstacles of KL’s distance from the sea in fine style.

The setting is aptly reminiscent of life on the waves, designed as it is in the style of an old South East Asian junker ship. And everything there is just so beautifully done in terms of its internal decoration.
Fisherman Cove 2
We started with the Fisheman Cove Tiger prawn cocktail with tangy fresh mango salsa (RM38) where the tiger prawns is sliced to half and it is being steamed and topped with the tangy fresh mango salsa on top. The sweetness of the tiger prawns remains as well as the tangy sweetness from the mango itself. Each mouthful is so good which we would give a double thumbs up on this.
Fisherman Cove 2
As for the Tea smoked salmon timbale scented with konbu and sesame (RM38); the sinfully addiction of the night comes awesomely good where the salmon is being smoked with the tea bringing us the light fragrant of tea in it. The salmon comes pretty generous and the texture remains flaky as it is.
Fisherman Cove 2
Moving the the soup, it is a divinely delicious soup which is not to be missed – Fisherman’s Cove seafood soup with Boston Bay scallop (RM46). The wholesome soup which is filled with the fresh ingredients – fresh prawns, clams, enoki mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, scallops and fresh herbs with it. The soup comes rich in its flavours, and not just that, the sweetness from the soup is simply awesome.
Fisherman Cove 2
Crispy fillet of threadfin with coriander-chilli-lime sauce (RM86) brings you with something light spiciness and the threadfin is indeed well done with the flaky and moist texture. I love the sweet, spicy and sourish combination of the dish itself.

Fisherman Cove 2
We ended with the Steamed fillet of Chilean seabass with ginger-coriander pesto and superior soy sauce (RM86). As the fish is fresh, the steaming of the seabass brings you with sweet seafood taste in it. The flaky fish meat also comes awesomely good and delicious too.
Fisherman Cove 2
Not just they are having the great choices of seafood in their platter choice. They do have the lovely platter of combination of Warm Chocolate Lava Pudding Served with the Vanila Geleto, The lime and ginger crème brulee also make a good match as well. Not just that, the Dark and white chocolate mousse with nutty chocolate soil as well as the Caramelized banana split with trio ice cream was a good one too.

If you are looking for a great divine with nice delicious seafood sensation, do visit Fisherman’s Cove for more delicious seafood sensation.

Fisherman’s Cove
LG10 Feast Floor Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2782 3848

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