I have been using the Dyson Vacuum Cleaner for more than 3 months. No complains and it is indeed easy to maintained. I had almost used it at anytime in my house. 
What I like about Dyson after 3 months using it
1) Save place. It is not bulky though where i can just put them at the corner of my house without those usual bulky vacuum cleaner I used to have which indeed taking the space in my store room. It is easily to be used, no wired so I can just take and go.
2) Clean as it goes. Work like a broom but all particles are vacuumed inside. it is not to heavy, no plugged needed. Anytime, my house need a cleanup, i happily used #dyson vacuum cleaner instead of broom where I am sure my floor is clean as it is. 
3) Reach high places easily. Cleaning webs is never so easy. Just grab Dyson Vacuum cleaner and I can easily clean my home webs without holding a bulky machine. The power of sucking is better than that. 

It is so easy to clean my house now with Dyson Vacuum Cleaner and I can say the vacuum cleaner become the lover of my home.


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