KFC and Pizza Hut Malaysia’s World Hunger Relief (WHR) campaign kicked off with an amazing start and managed to garner a total of RM2.6 million this year.  The annual initiative to help end world hunger raised the fund through a 3-month campaign starting in June 2014 that called out to its generous customers to donate via the WHR meal at both KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants (meals that were sold under this promotion were charged an extra RM0.50 which is then channeled towards the fund). During the campaign period, customers were also able to contribute through donation boxes provided at all restaurants.

Since its establishment in 2007, the WHR effort in Malaysia generated RM13.7 million collectively. Over the years, a portion of the proceeds have gone to aid the United Nations’ World Food Program whereby individuals from the most impoverished corners of the globe suffering from hunger and starvation have been treated and helped. The remainder of the proceeds were channeled to local charity homes across Malaysia.

This year, in an effort to further support the WHR campaign, KFC and Pizza Hut Malaysia officially launched its ‘World Hunger Relief Distribution Programme’. Through this distribution programme, a portion of the funds will be allocated for the United Nations’ WFP while the majority will be distributed to more than five government bodies and NGOs, as well as carefully selected underprivileged families throughout Malaysia.

Several tie ups with NGOs such as local soup kitchens, the Orang Asli communities in the east and peninsular Malaysia along with other hunger relief agencies have been planned through this programme. Funds from the WHR campaign will also be utilised via tie-ups with various government bodies working on several community projects focusing on hunger relief.
These relevant bodies provide a vehicle in which the funds are able to reach the hungry, homeless, needy as well as the hardcore poor in hopes of providing them with the much needed relief.
The distribution programme will also continue to search for families and individuals throughout Malaysia that are in dire need of assistance by providing them with food, a care package containing household goods as well as six-month monetary aid to improve their living conditions and allow them the opportunity to get back on their feet.

Through this Distribution Programme, it is estimated that the funds will help provide meals to over 30,000 individuals in Malaysia.

YB Dato’ Kamaruzzaman Abu Kassim, President & Chief Executive of Johor Corporation cum Chairman of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd (operator of KFC and Pizza Hut Malaysia) said, “we hope that more Malaysians will take part in the various charity programmes that are organized by KFC and Pizza Hut. We would like to thank and congratulate everyone for their generous contribution and support throughout the years”.

Present to launch the ‘World Hunger Relief Distribution Programme’ was YB Dato’ Zulkurnain Bin Haji Kamisan, Chairman of the Johor State Youth, Sports, Culture and Heritage Committee as the official representative for Chief Minister of Johor.

Lt. General (R) Dato’ Sri Shahron bin Ibrahim, Senior Advisor, United Nations World Food Programme and Madelene Sachi, Chief Legal Officer & Chairman of World Hunger Relief Programme Asia Pacific, Yum! Brands Inc. were also present to show their support.

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