Heralded the season of goodwill with a splendid Christmas Tree Light Up Ceremony, carol singing, spectacular Christmas tree at the lobby, cheerful Santa generously distributed sweet treats to all the guest who witness the event.

The General Manager of Impiana KLCC Hotel, Mr Andre Pierre Gentzsch officiated the ceremony by lighting up the beautiful Christmas tree by inviting one of the hotel guests in the crowd to press the switch on the rostrum and officiate the event. It was indeed very successful and joyful event.
The lobby was glittered by the beautiful Christmas lightings to mesmerize the guests in the hotel and to make sure that all eyes turned to the hotel lobby in anticipation of the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Apart from a huge tree as a centerpiece, the hallway to the coffeehouse featured a gingerbread house fronted by tasty candy cane sticks to embrace the festive season ambiance of jolly magical Christmas.

The highlight of the event was corporate clients, media members and hotel guests were mesmerized and entertained with a medley of Christmas carols and songs performed by Wind Ensemble for about an hour. It was a simple yet a memorable event for Impiana KLCC Hotel indeed.
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