I am  a person not too much of bags ! No fancy things attracted me but I would always love to travel in lesser bags!  For girls, we usually have loads of bags to go even to office to stuff our things- the handbag and also another will be the laptop bag. Travelling with two bags and its getting heavy with the old style bag too. In Terminus, you can get your perfect bag with the creative design as well as at affordable price.  Every Terminus product focuses on 5F’s:
– Functionality
– Uniquely Formed
– Fashionable
– Fun
– Feels Good

Terminus is a world-class, design-oriented brand established since 1994. With the track record of producing over 60,000,000 bags for 4000 clients worldwide, I believe Terminus has mastered the art of perfecting the ideal bag for each and every individual.

And here in their outlet in 1 Utama; you can find a bag suits for your self.

For Travellers, Terminus The New Invisible Urban Roller where the briefcase comes with the convertible rolling briefcase where  it can fit a 13″ laptop, tablet, and sufficient clothes and documents for a 4D3N free-and-easy trip

For ladies, I supposed this suits us.. search your stuff with some light especially at night or in the cinema. That’s what I felt! The light in the bag suits the me well too where get some light when you really need it to find your stuff.

– The Urban Daddy Bag-
– The Compartment-

Cool enough for the ladies bag and also some traveler bag! Not just that, they have also the Urban Daddy Bag. Good enough to be used for daddy and mumies too. It is a nice bag to have all your gadgets inside together with some milk bottles, mineral waters and also a corner for daddy to put their drypers.

As for those who love hold on their bag; they can try getting the Terminus Cutie Pad. Use it to store your ipad and you can also sleep with it.

With so much of bags available in Terminus, why not pop to their outlet and select your favorite bag here

Terminus Bag
(in front of Sushi Q)
Lot S213A, Second Floor,
Promenade, New Wing,
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya,
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.terminusbag.com
Facebook: fb.com/TerminusBag

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