InterContinental Kuala Lumpur award-winning Japanese restaurant Tatsu continues to celebrate Japanese food culture with seasonal produce as Chef Tetsuya Yanagida crafted a special menu to highlight sanma otherwise known as pacific saury, and mushrooms such as matsutake (pine mushroom) and maitake (dancing mushroom) throughout the month of September.

With the advent of autumn, sanma is sought-after during season to savour its irresistible sweetness and fatty note of the flesh. Chef Yanagida recommends the sashimi style for diners to truly relish in the freshness of the fish or the traditional method of grilling with sea salt.

The month also calls for mushroom appreciation with the most valued mushroom delicacy in Japan, matsutake also known as pine mushroom in English. The marvellous matsutake grows uncultivated from the roots of the red pine tree and is highly sought-after for its pungent sweet-scented earthiness. Chef Yanagida showcases the unique flavours of matsutake with matsutake tea pot soup, grilled matsutake with sea salt and matsutake tempura. The chef’s recommendation is the matsutake tea pot soup. In this dish, matsutake mushroom is simmered with prawn, chicken and ginkgo nut resulting in an aromatic and rich soup best enjoyed with Tatsu’s line-up of sake.

Another autumn favourite for the Japanese is maitake, also known as dancing mushroom or hen of the woods. Maitake mushrooms is best known for its medicinal benefits, hence the moniker because people in ancient times were said to dance for joy when they found these mushrooms.  Healthy and tasty, excite your palate with these choices; maitake in tea pot soup, grilled maitake with sea salt and maitake tempura, carefully prepared by Chef Yangida for the optimum taste and texture enjoyment.

Sanma, matsutake and maitake promotion is available from 1 to 30 September priced from RM36++ per portion onwards.

Located at level 1 of the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur, Tatsu is a premier, upscale Japanese restaurant. Deriving its name from the word “Tatsu-jin” meaning master or expert, Tatsu brings a sophisticated twist to the traditional dining experience as it combines a subtle blend of Japanese aesthetics with contemporary yet minimalist design.  Helmed by award-winning Executive Japanese Chef, Tetsuya Yanagida, Tatsu has a capacity of 147 seats, with five choices of dining seating styles from the sushi bar, a teppanyaki room, private dining rooms, public dining area to a cozy lounge dining area.

For reservations, call Tatsu at 03 2782 6118 or email the team at [email protected] or [email protected]. Tatsu Japanese Cuisine is open daily from noon to 2.30 pm for lunch and 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm for dinner. Visit us at www.intercontinental-kl.com.my.

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