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It is simply hard to find a fantastic Nyonya Delights and this time I am happy to try the delicious nyonya dishes by the Nyonya Cooking Guru, Chef Debbie Teoh. This time Chef Debbie makes a return to Parkroyal Hotel to showcasing her expertise in Nyonya cuisine to diners at Chatz Brasserie. This time, we are happy to enjoy their deliciously done cooking with their Nyonya Dishes for buffet diners, hi teas aas well as cooking classes in ParkRoyal Hotel KL. From the 5 September to 12 October, the talented lady will be showcasing her expertise in Nyonya cuisine to diners at Chatz Brasserie.
debbie nyonya
We started with their Nasi Ulam which comes so appetizing. The deliciously done Nasi Ulam which is complete with the fragrance of herb brings us a kick of light spiciness in it. The Nasi Ulam is just so homely dishes where the white rice is cooked together with the lemongrass, kunyit leaves, kaffir lime leaves, daon kadok ‘wild pepper leaves’, birds eye chilly, garlic, chekur leaves, daon kesom ‘laksa leaves’, dried prawns, salted fish, pepper and fresh turmeric. Each mouthful of the nasi ulam is filled with the aroma. Yummz ! I super fall in love with it till I wanted for a second bowl.
debbie nyonya
Aside from the Nasi Ulam, one of the signature dish by Chef Debbie wil be the Ayam Buah Keluak. It is my first time having it and buah keluak where it is one of the famous item to try off in Peranakan dishes. The sauce was a tad bit more watery than usual, but the good balance of spicy and sweet, sour flavours allowed the unique aroma of the nut to shine through.

Chef Debbie’s Kerabu Jantung Pisang with Prawns also is another tempting dish to try here. The rich in flavours delights, comes with fresh prawns is certainly indulging and yet appetizing. It is simply a good one to clean the palate and what’s more is the prawns that comes fresh and nice.


debbie nyonya

Aside, Chef Debbie also introduce another of its speciality which is the Pais Buah Keluak alike ganja dish. Presented similar to otak otak which is where it is being wrapped. The pais buah keluak comes simply flavourful with the smooth, rich , thick and creamy texture. Not much my favorite due to the distinct flavours.

debbie nyonya
Gulai Perut Ikan is simply my favorite of all. The all time favorite Nyonya Delights comes simply addictive where the curry come sourish which is from the assam juice, pineapple, brinjal and the fresh and chewy perut ikan. The flavours is such a robust with the added ingridients which most nyonya temptations will have like the shallots, dried chiliies, lemongrass, galanggal, daon kadok, kaffir lime leaves, kunyit leaves and small prawns,
debbie nyonya
Aside from that, The Ju Hu Char won my heart too where the shredded mengkuang with it stir fried together with the shredded and springy strands of cuttlefish providing the taste was made just as nice. Wrapped together with the green vegetable with the top of sambal with it. Delicious and two thumbs up. Not to forget is the Hu Pio Soup – Fish Maw and Prawn balls . The lovely clear soup that comes with fish maws cooked with the base of chicken bones, yam beans, carrots, garlic crispy, coriander leaves and also vegetable with it. The soups comes flavourful and tasty, served piping hot, to warm our palatte at the cold rainy day. It is indeed one of my favorite Nyonya Delights where mum usually cooked during Chinese New Year.

debbie nyonya
Finally comes to desserts, a sweet note to end the authentic Nyonya Cuisine. We had the desserts of t sorted Nyonya Kuihs to pamper my sweet tooth

The Buffet dinner is available on Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, priced at RM125 nett per adult and RM62.50 nett per child. Diners may enjoy this promotion at a promotional rate of RM85 nett per person. During the weekends, bring the entire family for a Hi-tea, available on Saturday and Sunday from 12.30pm to 4pm. It is priced at RM78 nett per adult and RM39 nett per child. Diners will also have the chance to enjoy complimentary Nyonya cuisine cooking classes before HI-tea commences with prior reservations.

Prior reservation is required for Best of Malaysia: Nyonya Cuisine By Chef Debbie Teoh. For reservations or enquiries, please call 03 2147 0068 or email [email protected]

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