Earth has a fever! Like it or not, we all played a role in contributing to this ‘fever’. The recent alarming rise of Air Pollutant Index (API) caused by forest fires is a warning sign that we, as Malaysians, need to play up our role in greening our environment. Otherwise, we may have to brace for more hazardous pollutions, posing more threats to national health.

For myELEPHANTTM Thai Restaurant, the famous neighbourhood Thai restaurant, initiative for a change in our environment has always been a small-scale pet project on the side. With the launch of their fifth branch at Ampang in mid-July this year, they decided that this initiative needs to step up a notch and becomes their long-term effort in lending a hand to the neighbourhoods.

In conjunction with the celebration of another milestone achieved this year, the newly launched Ampang branch, myELEPHANTTM Thai Restaurant kickstarted myELE Gives Back by lending a hand in greening and beautifying a community centre located in Ampang. This restaurant known for not just its delicious blend of authentic Northern Thai cuisine and contemporary culinary palate, has also built its reputation as an innovative business in the booming scene of entrepreneurship locally.

The Co-founder and Managing Director of myELEPHANTTM, Mr. Patrick Cheng said, “Since the beginning of our business in 2007, we have been trying our best in initiating efforts within our capacity to spark interest in planting trees and vegetables by providing free plants to our customers. With the launch of our fifth branch at Ampang, we would like to officially mark this as our responsibility in humbly taking the lead in greening and beautifying the neighbourhoods. Teamwork plays a big part in our expansion. However, we will not have today’s achievement without the support from the communities. Now, we are bringing this team spirit out to the communities to do what we believe we do best, bringing happiness to the communities. We also hope that such initiative will help promote community effort in caring for the well being of our neighbourhoods. The first beneficiary of myELE Gives Back is Hilla Community Centre located in Ampang, a learning centre that provides basic education and skills to underserved children.”
The first myELE Gives Back initiative includes employees of all levels at the restaurant in the effort to clean up and beautify Hilla Community Centre through a one-day Gotong-Royong. Fruit trees were planted in the compound of the centre.

“Contribution to our neighbourhoods should not be a once-off project but a sustainable one. Our long-term commitment has two folds, first is to play up our role in greening the neighbourhoods around our restaurants, second is to humbly set an example for the community, and hopefully for other business owners around the neighbourhoods, that we all have to take part in caring for the society around us. It may be a small step, but when the entire community gets involved, the positive impact is imminent,” Cheng added.
August 2014 also marks the 7th year anniversary for myELEPHANTTM Thai Restaurant. “In lieu of a grand celebration, we believe that it is far more meaningful to benefit others in need. Therefore, we have also decided to help out with Hilla Community Centre by purchasing supplies. It is with great privilege that we are able to put a smile on each child’s face at the centre,” said Cheng.

August is a festive month in Malaysia, with Raya Celebration and Merdeka Day, myELEPHANTTM Thai Restaurant welcomes customer to dine in any of their restaurants. In this month of August, for every purchase at any of the five branches, myELEPHANTTM Thai Restaurant will donate RM1.00 into their myELE Gives Back fund. For the month of August, all the funds generated from 1st to 31st of August from all five branches will be used to support the following beneficiary – proceeds will be donated to Hilla Community Centre and other underserved homes in our neighbourhoods.

From now on, all customers of myELEPHANTTM Thai Restaurant will not only enjoy a delicious meal, but at the same time, be a part of this meaningful initiative to myELE Gives Back.  For further information, please contact 010-2201283 for reservations or visit

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