Oishii ; a small little restaurant which is located at Nu Sentral is one of my exploration recently. Located near the escalator from KL Sentral connecting to Nu Sentral; the shop had attracted me at the first sight with the pinkish signage. The shop operated with few staff and few tables and chair; as mostly doing take-away is something to look for there.

They are selling the takoyaki which is one of the highlights is the shop itself. Other than that; they have the choices of of bento rice set too like Teriyaki Chicken Bento, Teriyaki Squid Bento, Grilled Salmon Beno, Pasta Yaku and Inhouse Saba too.
As for the Takoyaki, it comes with the choices of Octopus Takoyaki, Scallop Trim Meat Takoyaki, Chicken Sausage Takoyaki and also Prawn Takoyaki. Patrons can opts to add more cheese at their takoyaki with additional of RM 1 and same goes to adding mayo too.

I ordered the Octopus Takoyaki (RM 4.90) where it comes with a set of 4 pieces. The texture comes soft and fluffy with loads of mayo in it. Muching it is just good as it is with the soft fluffy texture and the takoyaki melts in the mouth with the bite of tangy little squid in it. Added with loads of bonito flakes on it; the takoyaki brings us with the awesome flavours.

Nu Sentral (CC04A),
50470 Kuala Lumpur

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