This year, be ready to indulge in Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees delightful homemade rice dumplings during Tuen Ng Festival. Homemade Traditional Rice Dumpling and Rice Dumpling with Abalone are made freshly daily with superb quality ingredients wrapped with refreshing bamboo leaves. 
The acclaimed Traditional Rice Dumpling represents the very best of classic flavours. Pork belly with alternate layers of fat and meat are marinated in secret recipe, enlighten its tenderizing texture in a distinctive scented taste. Salted egg yolk is freshly taken from whole salted egg by our chefs, so as to retain the genuine oil essence and fragrance of the premium duck egg yolk. Japanese whole mushroom brings over its unique aroma that permeates the rice dumpling. Together with conpoy, dried shrimps, green beans and selected well soaked glutinous rice, the rice dumpling is readily prepared to satisfying yummy yearn at HK$88 each. 
For a taste of luxury, be sure not to miss the Rice Dumpling with Abalone. Whole abalones are braised with Chinese ham and pork spare ribs in chicken broth to its best flavorsome texture with irresistible taste. Other ingredients including premium salted egg yolk, marinated pork, Japanese whole mushroom and conpoy. An ideal festive treat for family and friends priced at HK$138 each. 
Early Bird Offer 
Enjoy 20% early bird discount from now till May 29 at hotel online eShop or in person. 
Redemption Period 
From May 23 to June 2 at Café 8 Degrees. Rice dumpling is in vacuum sealed packaging to ensure its best quality. 
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