Brimming with nutrients, yogurt is one of the most popular health foods. It is loaded with protein, calcium, vitamins and healthy bacteria that helps digestion and it is also said to aid weight loss. Here we go with Snow Factory landed in Malaysia in Avenue K.


Originating from Taipei, Snow Factory stands out from other yogurt vendors with its emphasis on natural flavours enhanced with organic confitures made with fresh fruit. Apparently Snow Factory is an award-winning yogurt brand from Taiwan.

Lip Wei Chong, the owner of Snow Factory Malaysia had tasted the frozen treats during her travel in Taipei and she eventually falling in love with the desserts and decide to bring the idea back to Kuala Lumpur and hence you can now have your dessert without traveling all the way to Taiwan.

In Snow Factory, they have a range of handmade yogurt ice-cream flavours – from classic Fuji Apple, Mixed Berries to unfamiliar names such as the Rose & Apple! They also sell other items such as plain yogurt and fruit preserves which are packed and ready to go.

Plain yogurt and frozen yogurt ice cream are both made by hand, according to strict hygiene practices. They are carefully done with using only milk and culture for the yogurt while for the ice cream, it is done with the mix yogurt, fresh organic fruits as well as sugar.
Started with the Plain Yogurt (190g RM11.80) and you can add the Confiture (RM2) with it. The yogurt comes in small packaging and the taste is rich and creamy. It gives us a natural dairy and adding the confiture topping on top is perfect.
We tried the Pomegranate toppings on top and it is awesome where it is well blend together with the yogurt on top and it gives other types of flavors. You can also take home tubs of plain yogurt for RM7.80 and RM29.80 in their servings of 160g and 1000g respectively. If you love to have the confiture, you can take home a whole jar of it for RM38.80.
As for the ice cream; they comes with the wide selection where you can find Blueberry, Rose and Apple, Strawberry, Apple, Passion Fruit and Apple, Cranberry, Pomegranate and Apple, Mix Berries and Mulberry ice cream all there. In Snow Factory, you can choose your ice cream to be served with a choice of a scoop/s in a cup (RM10.80), a Wafer Bowl (RM12.80) or a Big Wafer Cone (RM11.80).
We tried quite a number of flavors and one of my favorite is the strawberry flavors which give us a sourish and burst of flavors in it. The delicate flavors of each yogurt ice cream is simply addictive which is not just a dessert but it leaves us with a healthy desserts. It does not bring us with the heavy feeling after having it.
Even little Grace love it so much.
Besides served in cups and cones, Snow Factory do release the Yogurt Gift Set and the Yogurt Ice Cream Gift Set. The Yogurt Gift Set comes as six pieces with confitures for just RM76 and 12 pieces for RM145.


Snow Factory
Level 2
Avenue K
Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

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