Breakfast with dim sum with family and friends is just something fun and interesting where you can do during your weekends. Located at Subang Jaya, the restaurant by the name G-Yi Tang serves dim sums in the morning and at night they serves dim sum and also steamboat too. Located opposite the multi level carpark as well as Starbucks, the restaurant do have ample place to sit too.


With over 50 choices of dim sum available in their menu from steam items to fried items, they do have also special menu which is available on weekends too. Its menu is pretty simple to see with the extensive varieties where it is lining up them into 2 page menu to choose for. Price is reasonable where each dim sum ranges from RM4.00 to RM 6.00


Dim Sum as usual will be pampering us with siew mai, har kao and more and so do here too. Shrimp Dumpling (Har Gau) ( RM4.80) , Shrimp Dumpling with Scallop (RM4.80) is some of the standard dim sum to order when you are having dim sum. The standard har gau is filled with huge prawns in it.

The Chives Dumpling with X.O. Sauce (RM6.00) is something special here. The dim sum served with the creamy chopped chives and wrapped with the semi transparent dumpling skin. It is then topped on top with the crispy deep onions. The taste is pleasant and captivating where each mouthful is filled with the blend of vegetables in it.


Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Marmite Sauce is well coated with the marmite sauce and it is being drizzled with the toasted sesame on top. Bringing the aromatic marmite sauce and the juicy meat, the delights is awesome.


Juicy Dumpling (xiao long bao)( RM6.00) is also available in their menu. Blanket with slightly thick skin, stiffed with meat is smething casual you can get in many restaurants. The Xiao Long Bao here is not a delicate but is a subtle one. It is rich and layered with flavors, surrounding the tender meat. A splash of vinegar and ginger cut through the richness, lend its sweetness in the mouth.


The Fishball with Shrimp brings us with the fresh ingridients where the shrimps I sfresh and it is being topped with the orange-ish gravy that has the combination of sweet, spicy and a zesty blends.


Shrimp Dumpling with Angeluca Soup (RM6.00) is perfect where the soup is simply nourishing and flavourful soup.

Not only having the steam item, they do served baked items too where they have Baked BBQ Pork Buns, Baked Pineapple Buns and more.


Baked BBQ Pork Bun (RM4.80) had to my favorite even though the look is not much appealing. With a bite on the pork bun itself, you can get the fluffy and also bring us with he flavorful char siew filling in it.

Egg Tarts (RM4.80) here is good. Flaky texture with the yellowish and creamy custard, it is indeed mouth watering and the custard melts in the mouth too.



Deep Fried Sesame Balls (RM4.50) is pretty much my favorite. Covering all round with sesame from inside to outside, I never realized that they have the sesame paste burst out from the bite leaving us with the aromatic sensation of the balls itself.

Shrimp Rice Roll with Egg is indeed something special to have here where G-Yi Tang brings more creative in their delights. They steamed the rice roll together with a layer of egg, leaving us with the eggy fragrance within it. If you love to try others- they do hwave the normal one which is the usual BBQ Pork Rice Roll, Mixed Rice Roll and Shrimp Rice Rolls are available too


Deep Fried Yam Pastry (RM5.00) are fried to a dreamy, airy crisp and they have an option with the shrimps and without. Both are delicately well made and packed with the juiciness and crunchiness with it.
Pineapple Buns (RM4.80)


Deep Fried Shrimp Roll

If you are the impatient type, visit one around trolleys ala Hong Kong during the weekends. Don’t worry about overloaded, you’ll find a way to finish morsel one away of another with a room for egg tart.

G-YiTang Hong Kong Dim Sum Steamboat
No. 48, Jalan USJ 10/1B,
USJ 10, Subang Jaya,
47610 Selangor.
Business Hour: (Mon-Sun) 7.30am- 10.00pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GYiTang
Email: [email protected]
Contact: 03 – 80816488

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