Hilton Petaling Jaya’s Japanese Restaurant reveals their new menu by Chef Richard Teo who will be serving up a refreshing dining experience by incorporating an array of modern and traditional cuisine.

With more than 20 years of culinary experience at Genji, Chef Teoh, a veteran in Petaling Jaya’s dining scene for almost three decades, will take the opportunity to infuse a combination of Tokyo and Osaka-style cooking in his menu.

And here, you can enjoy the Omakase Kaisaki where your dining experience will be left up to the chef. This is where the chef will prepare the delights accoding to the fresh seafood selection of the day and the 7 course omakase kaisaki will be at RM300++. whereas the 5 course sendai kaizeki is priced at RM200++

During our review, we sampled several items from the new menu. We started off with a trio of appetizers, usually served with the omakase, which included Shirao Wasabi , Tako Wasabi with Yamamomo and also the Satsumage. The Shirao Wasabi is where the white Baits is being marinated with Wasabi which left the scent of wasabi and the baits bring us with the tinggery taste and with light spiciness in it. As for the tako Wasabi, the octopus is being marinated with the chewy blend of delights and it is topped with the ruby red mountain berry- Yamamomo. Together it is the chewy and tender fish cake which is good too.

Tokyo Salad comes next where the comfort dish of the lovely salad is simply a great blend. The combination of lightly boiled salad, fresh greens and seaweed is being drizzled with the homemade house special sesame and wasabi dressing. The dish comes well with the refreshing taste and what’s so nice about it is where the salad comes well with the blend of light wasabi in it. Delicious!


As for the sushis and sashimi (RM240), it is one of the chef’s recommendations in Genji itself. Being in a Japanese Restaurant, it is a must to try about. Stunningly presented, the fresh thick sashimi slices which is a bowl ice is indeed very fresh and each mouth of the sashimi is just heavenly.
Served together is a wholesome set of beautiful sushis. The selection included ikura, sea bream, tuna as well as soft shell crab roll. It is not just delicious as it is and each mouthful of the sushi brings us great temptations. It’s freshness of the tuna, and ikura is perfectly one of my favorite and what’s more is the soft and tender texture rice which made it even more perfect.

Kaizen Mushi (RM 30.00) comes next where it is lavishly being presented to our table. The combinations of the prawns, salmon, scallops and mussel is being steamed together with the assorted vegetables. The delicious item is scrumptiously done and the soup is indeed a flavourful one, and ingridients is pretty a fresh one. The soup is infused with the tip top flavors and every mouthful is such an indulgence. Chef had made a twist with te added ponzu in it which ais a tart of citrusy dipping sauce with the grated radished, Yuzu skin and also with the enoki mushroom in it. The Osaka style of soup is indeed special and it brings the traditional taste of the soup and its rich taste from the soup is just addictive.The bowl of delights is usually featured in the Omakase Kaiseki Set.


Besides the Kaizen Mushi, the Trio Combi did not disappoint us though. The set of three little duo served on a long plate where you can find Wagyu Beef/ Teriyaki Chicken, Hotate Chilli Mayo and Gindara Shio (Cod fish) on a radish, Nameko mushroom and spinach puree. Each of it, is well presented and it’s presentation is indeed very appealing.

The Wagyu Beef comes well and it is well grilled as it is. The wagyu beef comes well where it is well marinated and each mouthful is sinfully good and delicious. The wagyu beef brings us with the chewy and juicy texture which is just one of my favourite. The juiciness of the beef is just heavenly each bites of it.

As for the scallops, it is fresh as it is and the Scallops is being topped with the mayo topping with the light hind of the chilly padi. The scallop was juicy as it is and the hint of light spiciness brings up the whole taste of the scallops itself.

As for the Gindara Teriyaki, the cod fish is being grilled with the teriyaki sauce leaving a sweet taste from the teriyaki sauce itself. It is being served on a bed of grated radish, Nameko mushroom and spinach puree. The fish was so flaky and deliciously done.

The wholesome dish is served with a bowl of hearty soup- Asari Suimamo. The hearty soup with the clam in the clear soup brings us a sweet taste from the clams itself.
Desserts to complete our meal – We had the azuki banana dorayaki (RM30) – fragrant bananas and red bean paste wrapped in dorayaki. Chef had made the twist with the usual dorayaki we usually had, which is pretty sweet one; but here the dorayaki is well made to the perfection and the Japanese Pancake is also made in house. It is perfectly a childhood indulgence when I grab a bite of it. Served together with it is the Goma Ice cream which is the black sesame ice cream. The cooling ice cream with the soft texture is perfectly melts into our mouth leaving a sweet ending for the delicious sampling in Genji Restaurant in Hilton Petaling Jaya.

Genji Japanese Restaurant, Level 1, Hilton Petaling Jaya, 2 Jalan Barat, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7955 9122
GPS Coordinates: 3.102164, 101.640573

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