On the second trip of Hong Kong, we had a great event with the Openrice team. Openrice Hong Kong had arranged a great dining experience in Yue (粵) Restaurant. The dining experience with Open Rice and other foodies round the world is superb where we can meet all the attendee from Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Taiwan , Singapore and more.

Yue Restaurant is being one of the highly recognized with its gastronomic menu of traditional Cantonese cuisine and dim sum, YUE at City Garden Hotel, a member of Sino Group of Hotels, received one-star in the world-renowned culinary and travel guidebook published by Michelin for the second consecutive year.

Being the Michelin star builds on the success of Yue at City Garden Hotel which won the Gold with Distinction Award under Seafood – Fish, Prawn, Crab Category at Hong Kong Tourism Board’s “2010 Best of the Best Culinary Awards” with its spectacular dish “Seared Star Garoupa Fillet with Fish Maw on Egg White with Truffle Sauce”.



The meals had started with the star of 6 little delights which is petite and yet delicious. The famous Hong Kong delights, delicious char siew bringing us the juicy texture of the meat with melted caramel that top up on top. Not only that, you can enjoy the deep fried yam roll, which is crispy and crunchy at the outside while the inside serves a thick yam taste. For cheesy lover, they have the scallops which is being served with the layer of the mozzarella cheese with it. Thick and juicy, the cheese taste is pretty song. Being in Hong Kong, dim sum is something a must there, we had the prawn dumpling which is served in the little bucket. Too cute to eat it!. The prawn dumpling is juicy in the inside and the skin is thin and succulent. The juiciness of the prawn dumpling can be felt and every each bite of it. We end the platter with the pan seared beef where the beef brings is the juicy texture with it. To end the platter, the sourish vinegar cherry tomatos is bringing the sourish taste which make us more appetizing for the next item.

The meal continued with the Fresh Baked Stuffed Crab. The crab meat is being mixed with different ingredients like butter, and chopped onions with it. Added with a layer of mozzarella cheese and it is being baked then, the Fresh Baked Stuffed Crab is really filling. The crab had appeared to be slightly tasteless to us as the mozzarella cheese had covered the taste of the crab itself.



Their award winning item- Seared Star Garoupa Fillet with Fish Maw on Egg Whites with Truffle Sauce. Serving with the colorful layered of custard style ingridients, it is topped with a slice of grouper fish on top and the generous amount of truffle ontop. From the bottom up, where the bottom layer is the protein based of ingredients followed by steam vegetable blended with the protein juice and finaly the carrot protein juice. Combining the 3 layers, it is indeed a hard work to make them. The dish is just sinfully with the truffle which is added into it. Sinfully good !


Smoked Chicken with Longing Tea Laves and Soy Sauce is really a good dish to try off too, The tea smoked chicken brings us with the refreshing taste of tea itself as well as the combination of the smoky flavours of the chicken meat. Well infused and what more, the meat is amazingly well done with the tender juicy texture.


We ended our mains with the Lotus Leaf wrapped Fried Rice, with Shrimp, Dried Scallops, and Mushroom in Abalone Sauce. The rice which is stir fried with the abalone sauce and it is added with cubes of shrimps, dried scallops, as well as mushroom in it. The rice is very fragrant where the abalone sauce is well infused into the rice and it is really appetizing.



We ended our meal with a refreshing dessert. The Chilled Sago Sweet Soup with Cubes of Osmanthus Jelly is indeed one my favorite where the chilled sago with the osmanthus jelly is not sweet and each mouthful brings us a refreshing taste of it.

Besides enjoying the scrumptious meal organized by the restaurant and Open Rice, we are happy to make new friends and have fun together with the Hong Kong Open Rice team.

1/F, City Garden Hotel, 9 City Garden Road, North Point
Tel: 2806 4918
Mon.-Fri.: 11:30-15:00, 18:00-23:00;
Sat ,Sun.&Public Holidays: 10:30-15:00,18:00-23:00


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