Durian Lagenda, a newly opened kiosk which is located at Lot 10 Hutong. By its name itself, you will be sure that you will be pampered with scrumptious durian here. The location is easier to find if you are coming out from the Isetan Supermarket. Just turn from the left and walk till the end, go up on the staircase and you will spot the bright shop sign of Durian Lagenda on your right.

The newbie in the Lot 10 Hutong is not something new where Durian Lagenda had been in the market for many years where they have been promoting The King of Fruits internationally with a great success. Being that, they have decided to open a kiosk to cater for durian lover to grab a taste of durian at anytime here


We started with the fresh frozen during which is the Musang King. Having its own factory which s just 10 minutes distance from the farm itself, it is freshly vacuumed packed to ensure the fruit comes with the tip top freshness. The durian is sinfully good but to me is slightly lack on the fragrance of durian when it is being served. Each pack of durian is well packed at 300 g each and all the durian is well chosen before it is being packed. As it is frozen, perhaps there is some lackness on the fragrance of the fruit itself, but the taste is simply overwhelming and delicious. It is sinfully delicious.
Price: RM 38.00 (Musang King)/ RM 28 ( D24)


Besides the fresh durian, you can try their durian ice cream (RM 4.80/cone). Smooth, icy and chilling ice cream with the fragrances of the durian, it is sinfully delicious which makes me feel like having a second scope of it. Yummz


Durian Mochi (RM25/8pcs; RM3.50/ 1pcs) comes next, where the durian mochi is slightly defrost and it has the tangy and light chewiness at the outer layer and at the inner layer the filing is filled with the fragrant D24 durian which is creamy and not too sweet. According to the owner, he had taken 2 years to experiment the sweet treats before it was veing launched to the public. The durian mochi is good and addictive too which I wish the whole pack is mine.

Durian Pancake (RM18.00/ 6pcs; RM2.50/ 1pc)is similar to many usual pancake we have but them with the egg crepe instead. The thick layer of durian pulp wit the fresh cream is being wrapped with with the egg crepe.It is served cold but I had requested for a change of hot where they heat up them for me and it taste nice after the heat up.

Last but not least, they also offer the Durian Cupcake (RM5.50/pc) where they is an option of Dark Chocolate Durian Muffin as well as the Poppy Seed Durian Muffin. Both of the flavors were good. Well done cupcakes with the great texture of the cake itself, I love the Chocolate Durian Cupcake as it s. Using the Belgium Dark Chocolate, the flaors were good with the chocolate sensation and light flavors of durian in it.

Durian Lagenda
Lot 10 Hutong,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: 10am – 10pm daily
Contact: 03- 62768036

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