Originated all the way from Singapore, Dao Kia a dessert café had landed in Malaysia with their popular delicious soy pudding. The little kiosk is started by 3 siblings -Adi and Kim Ong, and Lynsey Lim bringing us the lovely desserts.
They started off with their first kiosk in The Strand Damansara and now they have another 2 kiosk in 1 Utama Shopping Center and Tropicana City Mall.


Started with the Japanese Green Tea Soy Pudding, the pudding is filled with the aromatic green tea flavor with the soft texture. If you are a big fans of green tea, you would fall in love with it.
Price: RM 3.60

For me, I love the Original Soy Pudding. Well flavoured and the original taste of the soothing tau fu fah had captured my heart. The succulent soft silky soy pudding is really good and it is just perfectly done.
Price: RM 3.60

Coconut Bliss Soy Pudding is also one of my favorite. The flavors of the coconut is very concentrated and I love the fragrant flavours of the coconut taste.
Price: RM 3.60

For those who are a big fans of Almond Soy Pudding, you can try them off. Filled with thick almond powder milk taste is perfectly will be the hit for Almond Lovers. As for me, I am not an Almond lovers, and so I am not to fond on this.
Price: RM 3.60

We ended with the Mocha Soy Pudding which gives us a thick silky fragrant mocha taste. something unique and special to try off.
Price: RM 3.60


Next we also dine for their hot desserts too. The Glutinous rice ball is also one of the most favorable dessert in their menu. The Glutinous rice balls comes in 3 flavors too, which is the Azuki Red Bean, Molten Peanut, and Toasty Black Sesame.

We had the Black Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball with the green tea soy base. The aromatic black sesame with the chewy glutinous rice ball is superbly good and it fills up with the black sesame paste.
Price: RM 5.90

We also have the filling of Azuki Red Bean, but we still prefer sesame.

Other than Soy Pudding, Dao Kia also offers 3 different flavors (Original Soy, Creamy Almond, and Japanese Green Tea) of Silky Soy Milk and Soy Smoothie. So, why not grab your chance to gave Dao Kia for a healthy refreshing flavors of soya.

Dao Kia
Lower Ground Floor – LGK 103 (Besides Crazy Potato & Each A Cup)
Food Street Promenate
One Utama Shopping Center.
Contact No : 03-7733 8364
Operating Hours: Opens daily including Public Holidays.
Website: http://www.daokia.com/
Official FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/DaoKia

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