Limablas is Mesui’s representation of the quasi-Malaccan shop house. The restaurant by the name of their house number 15 along the road serves a good Nyonya delights. The Nyonya restaurant bringing me back to my younger days where we spotted lots of old items like old typewriters, dirty sacks, spice jars, rickety tables, ornate signboards, vintage posters, and rusty bicyle. The Executive Chef at Limablas, Uncle John also happens to be the husband of Florence Tan – one of Malaysia’s most celebrated Nyonya chefs. Invited by HungryGoWhereEat (HGWMY), we sampled a variety of their signature dishes.

We started with the lovely appetizer which is the pai tee. The crunchy pai tee with the flower hats is being filled with the savoury and flavourful mengkuang, carrots and eggs. It is being topped with the fresh prawns which is superbly good. The combination was a great one leaving us with a memorable nice pai tee which I would come back for more. One is never enough!
Price: RM 1.50

The Sambal Udang Petai stood up and it is one of my favorite in Limablas. The pugent smell of the petai together with the kick of the sambal makes the overall meal perfect. Stir fried with the sweet and juicy prawns, it is just heavenly. With the kick of the spiciness, it is superbly an enjoyment of a great meal to try of.
Price: RM 25.00

For those who can’t take spicy, you can try their Cincaluk Omelette The fragrant cincaluk taste can be tasted with the fried egg comes together and it is simply appetizing enough to dine with. The fragrant of the cincaluk combine with the fragrant egg flavours is perfect.
Price: RM 12.00

Being in a Nyonya restaurant , Ayam Pongteh is a definite to try dish. The ayam pongteh served with plentiful of gravy and the tender chicken meat. . Ayam pongteh is the Peranakan’s version of stewed chicken . It is absolutely one of my favorite too where the gravy is well made and drenching them over the rice is just perfect.
Price: S (RM 12), M ( RM 22) . L ( RM 28)

Nyonya curry chicken has a good taste too. The gravy is not too thick and the taste is perfectly done. The fragrant gravy which is mild spiciness and its gravy is sinfully delicious where I had mine drenched over my rice.
Price: S (RM 12), M ( RM 22) . L ( RM 28)
Bendi Kukus brings us with the homely delights where the bendi is being steamed and served with the spicy sauce with it.
Price: RM 12.00

The Telapia Cili Goreng is well done. Well deep fried till crispiness and crunchy at the outside, the flesh of the fish remains juicy as it is. The dish is superbly done with the drench of the plentiful cili goring on the top leaving a the spiciness combination in it. No complains and we enjoyed them so much.
Price: Seasonal Price

There is also sambal terung too in the menu. Cutted into slices, the sambal terung is being stir fried till perfection. Not much spiciness but taste is truly nyonya style.
Price: 12.00

Kangkung Lemak Keledek is something special for the night. Thick santan gravy kick up the creamy taste of santan with the kangkung itself.
Price: RM 15.00

I tried the Sago Gula Melaka. The delicious sago gula Melaka is amazingly good where the gula Melaka is filled with the fragrant and it is thick too. I love it so much where I would like to have a second bowl of it.


Ais Kachang

Chendol and Ais Kacang is available in their menu too.

The Refreshing Ginger Tea

“This food tasting session was organised by HungryGoWhere Malaysia – Discover, Eat, Share today!”

15 Jalan Mesui,
Off Jalan Nagasari,
50200 Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.148872, 101.708399
Tel: 03-2110 1289
Hours: break from 3pm to 530 pm Mon – Sat

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