Just Like It a news an amazing F&B revolutionized to suit our modern society. With contemporary ice cream flavours that are unique to your tastebuds. It is ultimately savory as they are made from the freshest premium quality of natural ingredients. Just Like It brings us with more excitement with the usual basic ice cream parlour. When chemistry added into food, it is always amazing. Here you go with the liquid nitrogen ice cream which is just perfect for the hot and sunny day.

Founded in Australia, Just Lik It had been expending to various countries like Malaysia, China, Taiwan and more. And the two outlets in Malaysia is well located in Leisure Mall, while another one in One Utama, same floor with GSC cinema.

The ice cream flavors are plentiful to choose from where you can sample include the mocha cookies, chocolate mint, mooncake + red mean, chocolate pistachio and many more. We ordered 4 of the ice cream choices which includes the New Pop Corn, Matcha cookies Japan, rum+mint and Durian Durian. Made from the natural premium ingridients, no artificial, no additive , no colouring and stabilizer added, the ice cream is just perfect to be consume once you have it on your hands.


The rum+mint is one of our orders. The cold and fragrant sensation of the rum taste combined with the icy minty taste is just perfect to blend into your mouth giving the lovely cooling sensation. I love the melts into the mouth smooth texture ice cream which is added to a plus in to the ice cream itself.

As a big fans of durian, Durian Durian is something I must have. The durian smells perfectly good with the silky durian texture together with the smooth and loaded with creaminess of durian. It is simply one of my favorites as well.

New Pop Corn is another favorites of ours. The sweetness of the popcorn will match with the ice cream. The ice-cream had a very buttery taste with a hint of vanilla, the silky texture interrupted by crunchy popcorn chunks. Just something special to try too at Just Like It.

The final one we ordered from Just Like It is the Matcha cookies topped with Oreo biscuits. The ice cream was smooth and have a mild taste of bitter from the matcha. It is just velvety creamy for ice cream in Just Like It/
You can add some top ups to your ice cream too !

Small : RM 9.90
Large : RM 11.90

Just Like It! Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
(Located in front of GSC ticketing counter)
Lot EK3,
One Utama Shopping Complex,
47800 Petaling Jaya.
Business hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm


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