MIGF is here and this year MIGF brings lot of excitments. For this year, for the first time Kelantan Delights has its first time joining MIGF with the young chef. Kelantam Delights is not a new kid anymore in Malaysia and they have been in the market for more than 10 years. The restaurant is now having 2 outlets where one which is located at the Soaka Sentral and another is in Subang.

And in this menu, Kelantan Delights had introduced a young new talented chef who is on his middle 20’s to served us – Chef Muslim Saldi.

Chef Muslim first picked up the pan as a youngster, and has had experience cooking Western, Chinese and local fare, having trained in a wide variety of hotels, convention centres and other establishments. He eventually settled down in Kelantan Delights where he has been head chef over the past four years, raising the bar considerably during his employment there. His MIGF menu showcases the best of what is on the restaurants a la carte menu, with modern twists as well as a special eye to the presentation of dishes. The traditional flavours contained within are truly an authentic representation of the gastronomic heritage of Malaysia. Chef Muslim loves to travel and eat street food, which is where he draws much of his inspiration from when designing dishes. He’s excited about joining the MIGF family this year and is looking forward to showcasing his menu to his peers and creating networks with other workers in the food ( from MIGF Web)

The festival menu had surpised us with the full 8 course meal which had tantalizing our tastebuds for sure with the selections of appetisers, soup, main courses and desserts too.

We started with the appetizers which is the Siri Daun Kadok. Bringing the classical Kelantanese appetizers, the Sirih Daun Kodok is filled with Peanuts, Dried Shrimp, Lemon Peel, Ginger, Birdseye Chili, Roasted Coconut Flakes, wrapped in a whole Betel Leaf and drizzled with the chef’s signature sauce. It is just a great healthy combination of delights which is worth to try off. Alongside with the appetizers, you can get the Kerabu Soo Hoon Udang Harimau where the sweet, sour and spicy salad with northern border influence, paired with Thai glass noodles and succulent Tiger Prawns. It brings a sourish dish with the blend of light spiciness with it. The taste is just perfectly done, which the mouthful of it is just unforgotten. I am completely indulge with the Kerabu Pauh Muda. The tangy green mangoes well sliced and being tossed with sweet chili sauce is just superb as it it. The sourish tantalizing taste from the Kerabu itself match well and just very appetizing as it is. Added with the chilly sauce with it, the taste is even much more tantalizing.

As for the soup, the traditional soup from Kelantan is brought over which is the Sup Krim Ikan Parang. The local delights all the way from Kelantan called Laksam is being served with the Ulam Mentah, Serunding Daging and Telur Rebus together. The thick and creamy texture of soup is perfectly cooked with the well fragrance ingredients with it.

As for the main course , we had the Nasi Kerabu which its specialty with blue-tainted rice served with the Ayam Percik Buluh. The Kelantanese staple with the fragrant rice steamed with the blue Clitoria flowers, topped with a rich brown sauce and traditional salad consisting of bean sprouts, cucumbers, selon leaves, pennywort, Vietnamese mint, ginger flowers, cabbage, salted egg, fish crackers, grated coconut and fish sauce. Served with charcoal grilled chicken drizzled with a special coconut sauce. The rice is just perfectly done and it’s texture is just as nice as it is .

Not only that, their Daging Paha Kerutuk which is the Kelantanese succulent choice of the prime beef slow cooked with the rich spicy coconut based sauce. The daging is chewy and it is well infused with the spicy coconut which gives a thumbs up.

Kerabu Pucuk Paku is one of the kelantanese delights too. The Kerabu Pucuk Paku is one of the Malay cuisines which is popular among he Malaysian. The delicious vegetable is well stir fried with the spike shoots and add with the creamy sauce. Well presented , the flavors of the Malaysian delights is still maintained but it is served with a more classy style.

Ikan Siakap Asam Lintang is freshly presented where the sea bass is being steamed and it is being served with the sweet tangy assam sauce and other herbs which is infused together. The sea bass is fresh and with the tangy zestiness flavors of it. The combination is just perfect as it is and I am completely fall in love with it so much.

As for the Sambal Udang Petai, it give me the homely flavors where it remains me of grandma cooking where the juicy prawn is being cooked together with the Malaysian favorite’s stinky bean with it. You just could not say no to the Red hot and Spicy delectable dish.

We are also being recommended with the Gulai Kawah, where this is mainly found in Kelantan. The local cuisines which is mainly served in the huge pot and it is being simmered for hours. The dish is mainly made from the of prime beef cuts, potatoes and a variety of herbs and spices. The fragrance of the dish is just tempting to fall in love with it and a lot of the dish ingredients are also being imported all the way from Kelantan as well.

Telur Dadar, a simple dish but ended captured my heart too. The fluffy omelette flash is being stir fried with the hot oils and added with the onions, chilies and other spices.

As for the desserts, we had the Pisang bakar Sira served with Santan which the ripe banana is being grilled and caramelized and served with coconut milk. It is just heavenly and I am totally indulge with the desserts itself.

Ended with the Kelantanese Classics, the Jala Wmas, Buah Tanjong , Akok and Tahi Itik is perfectly prepared and bringing us to the classics as well to the childhood memory.


Wisma Consplant, Jalan SS 16/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
GPS Coordinates :N 3 04.866 E 101 35.031
Phone: +603-5611 7845

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