Jaya Grocer, Malaysia’s neighburhood Fresh Grocer, has recently gone urban chic with its seventh outlet in five years.

This marks its first entry into the Central Business District and within the swanky confines of The Intermark, cocooned by offices, upmarket retail shops and the Double Tree by Hilton.

At 30,000 sq ft, it’s the largest and distinctly different from the others; from its hip décor to a larger selection of premium imported foodstuff, from organic produce to dining options.

Operations Director, Daniel Teng said, “After all, we are at The Intermark!  Décor and layout must reflect that same contemporary style.  We must make a statement. But foremost, is to have the consumers’ comfort and needs in mind.”

Two design teams set to meet this exacting brief.

The store’s own in-house specialists created spacious walkways, large enough for several customers to push their trolleys without bumping into each other.  A welcome relief is the flexible flow route throughout the supermarket.  Shoppers can access sections of their choice with ease, without trekking from start to finish due to the one way traffic dictated in some stores or museums.


For example, if you are done with the cheese gourmet counter and don’t need any other dairy products, just take a shortcut to the grocers’ section.

Shoppers enter to 110 feet of standalone stalls piled with fresh vegetables and fruits, a concept that’s inspired from our pasar pagi or wet market – minus the slippery floor.

The plan is to have each stall manned by an attendant to interact with shoppers; how to choose an artichoke, whether the local radish is better than the China variety for a particular soup.  Plans to recruit and train are now in the pipeline.

Whilst the supermarket experience offers practical ease, the external consultant gave the Food Court at the cashier’s exit a more playful twist.

Here, the star feature is an enormous clock, almost like a fresco painted across the entire ceiling. But it’s obviously 3D and at every hour, the smooth chime of a grandfather clock announces accurate time.  So you know it’s real!

The effect is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland minus the frenzied white rabbit and the Mad Hatter.

This non-halal food court serves favourites from Lam’s Kitchen, Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles, Sun Huat Kee’s pork ball noodles, Hamky Panky, and the award winning Menya Musashi.

For the Mid-Autumn festival, on the shelves are white-skinned snowy mooncakes of Hong Kong’s Mei-Xin.

Regulars to Jaya Grocers will be happy that signature offerings are also replicated at The Intermark.

This includes seafood on consignment, delivered fresh daily from Kuala Selangor.  Pick your choice of meats; seafood or Wagyu beef with eight or nine marbling score, and the chefs will cook it to your required doneness, served at Fresco. Baker’s Son entices with the aroma of breads baked on the premises, whilst Bonjour Café tempts with pastries and cakes.

Check-out Jaya Grocer @ The Intermark and discover that their promise, “A great place to shop”, is no vain boast.

Get easy and same level access to the supermarket from Gate D. Purchases above RM30 entitle shoppers to free parking for the first two hours.


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