– The beautiful lantern at PingXi-

Pingxi is our next destination after Shifen where Pingxi(平溪) is famous for their lantern. I am just in love with their handmade lantern there but we did not buy any though. A slight disappointment after we back to Malaysia.

– The Pingxi town-

The lantern is well made and the handcraft lantern is simply beautiful.We strolled along numerous shops and eateries, and released a massive sky lantern to the skies!

– Some gift you can get them-

There is also a beautiful landscapes there where there are train passing through the town. What to do in Pengxi? It is one of the place you can have your sky lantern writen and then released them in the sky. I am going for it too.
– The Lantern-
Here you can have your own lantern and can write your wishes on it. It is about NTD 150 for one where if you want only one colour lantern it will be cheaper and the more colors it will be more expensive. Here we write our wishes at the lantern.
– Our wishes-
After that, the shop owners help us to light up and here it flies up !
– Flying Up!!-

And we also taste the different popcorn which is the purple corn where the it is not coloring but the corn is really original which is purple in color.
– The bamboo decoration-
Aside, there also have more things to get there. And if you plan to stay till at night, sometimes they have more scenic PingXi town view with the lanterns up above the skies. :)
– The lanterns at night-
-Picture from Deborah Lim-
To go there.
1. Take the THSR to Taipei Station, continue by train to Ruifang Railway Station. Then transfer to the train bound for Ping River (Pingsi) Station.
2. Take the train to Taipei Railway Station, continue by MRT to Muzha Station. Then take the Guoguang (Kuo-kuang) bus No. 1076 to Ping River (Pingsi) stop


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