Taiwan is famous for its night markets– crowded, carnival-esque bazaars where people gather to feast on everything from oyster omlettes to ice cream.Keelung’s Miaokou Night Market is famous throughout Taiwan for its large selection of food. It meanders through lanes and alleys in the downtown area surrounding the Dianji Temple (奠濟宮).

The night market is easily accessible on foot for most travelers arriving from other cities. From the Keelung railway station walk east straight along the street following the harbor in the direction of the Keelung Harbor Bureau (identifiable at night by its large orange neon sign. The night market is roughly one block from the point where you cross a freeway overpass.

There is also a lot of food to eat there to eat but we are too full to eat and we just have an enjoyable walk around the Keelung Night Market. What surprise me is the food stalls have their banners and signs in different languages include Chinese, English and Japanese to reduce the language barriers of the visitors. We back to the hotel to rest after that.

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