Swez Brasserie in Eastin Hotel is having their Japanese Style Buffet during weekend and since I am with the stay in weekends, we had our buffet dinner in the hotel as well. The spread of buffet is simply a large variety of Japanese food which not disappoint me at all. It is a great spread of buffet with quality Japanese food which I love about it.

– The variety of salads-

Started with the salad range, it does a plentiful choices of the Japanese delights. Ranges all the way from the they do served the chuka wakame ( marinated seaweed with enoki salad) ,pan seared tuna,imo salad (potato salad), tomato salad, namesu ( radish & carrot vineger) and even more. The salad are all freshly made and I love the chuka wakame itself which brings the freshness of the taste of marinated seaweed.

– The fresh oysters and prawn on the bed of ice-

– The mussels and scallops-

After trying some of the salads, we venture to the fresh items which is the highlights of each Japanese buffet. Cold cuts which you can find fresh oysters, prawns as well as scallops are also available in the buffet spread. The fresh items are available to enjoy them straight away and if you are thinking to get some to the teppanyaki area, you can grab some and the chef will be teppanyaki them for you too. It is such a sweet idea as I prefer to have the prawns and scallops in the teppan style.

– The tuna belly-

– The sashimis-

Fresh seafood lovers can also enjoy the variety of the fresh sashimi which is available at buffet. Freshly cut to the right sizes as well as the freshness of the salmon, and tuna belly does impress me too. The salmon and tuna belly is fresh and there are more variety compare to many Japanese restaurants in the buffet. Each cuts is amazingly good where it is freshly made and being me who are not a fans of sashimi lovers had also fall in love with it.

– The spread of sushis-

– The spread of sushis-

Next comes the sushi. Plentiful of the assorted sushi are also available in the buffet spread as well. The varieties includes the maki, salmon and many more.

If you love some sukiyaki to warm up your tummy, they have it too with the choices of chicken and beef. Add the ingredients you love too served with the sukiyaki and the chef will prepare them for you.

– The Chawanmushi-

#1:Kaki motoyaki (gratinated oysters)
#2: Korroke (Breaded Deep Fried Potato Croquette)
#3: Saba shio (grilled mackarel fish)
#4: Ghoza
#5: Teriyaki Salmon

#1: Garlic Fried Rice
#2: Takawase (Japanese Stew Vegetable)
#3: Deep fried Soft Shell Crab
#4: Fried Udon Noodles
#5: Tori Shogayaki

Going to the mains, they have also a large choices of the Japanese food spread available. They have a vast spread of the Japanese cuisine in their buffet. Not to be missed is of course the chawanmushi. Besides chawanmushi, they do have even more varieties like the kaki motoyaki (gratinated oysters), saba shio (grilled mackarel fish), teriyaki salmon, minute steak with gravy, unagi, tori teba soyu zuke yaki and more.

For ice cream lovers, they do have a selection of ice creams and the condiments in the buffet as well. Lovely delicious ice creams corners which is filled with condiments like nuts, chocolate syrups, and more to topped on to the ice cream too.

– Petite of Cakes-

– Delicious cakes-

Cakes and pastries are also available in the buffet spread too. The petite size cakes which includes the French cakes, strawberry sponge cake and more. They do have green tea tiramisu cake, chocolate cakes which is good as well. The cakes are well made is just good and it is just delicious to my likings which is not so sweet. I love the strawberry sponge cake which is just amazingly good and delicious.

They have Japanese Mochi as well as the peanut mochi in their buffet spread too. Not only that, you can enjoy their red bean jelly as well which taste good and delicious. The desserts spread are a lot too and they have a vast variety of the Japanese desserts.

The overall buffet spread is amazingly delicious with the range of quality Japanese delights in the buffet. It has more than all of this we had taken pictures with where they do have Teppan counter as well as tempura counter as wel. The overall food is satisfying and it will be a choice of mine in Penang when comes to Japanese buffet.

RM68++ (adult), RM34++ (child)

For reservations, call 04-612 1128.
Eastin Hotel Penang
1 Solok Bayan Indah, Queensbay
11900 Bayan Lepas
GPS: 5.33643, 100.306345


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