Pizza Hut’s new Double Sensation Pizza which was launched nationwide today offers pizza lovers twice the enjoyment of eating two pizzas for the price of one.

It is a unique and brand new pizza eating experience because it is really two pizzas in one, with two different stuffed crusts and two different toppings in one pizza.

First, Double Sensation Pizza has a ring of melted cheese in its outer crust, topped with succulent pepperoni, capsicums and mushrooms on a bed of honey barbecue sauce.

Second, it has another ring of delightful cheesy sausage in a golden Parmesan cheese in a second inner crust that is topped with tender chicken rolls, caramelised onions and salsa sauce.

“This unique two-in-one pizza is an original creation of Pizza Hut Malaysia and we are very excited about it,” said Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid, Managing Director of QSR Brands (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd, the operator of Pizza Hut Malaysia, in Kota Damansara today.

“It not only offers a unique and new pizza eating experience but also offers a visually exciting dining experience because of its attractive appearance and eye-catching presentation.”

Double Sensation Pizza is available at all Pizza Hut restaurants in the country from 11th April for a limited period.

A regular pizza costs RM26.90 and a large one RM35.90 and for group dining there are set combo meals with soup, garlic breadstix and 7Up Revive from RM29.90 for two persons and from RM48.90 for four persons.

The advertising and promotion for the Double Sensation Pizza includes television, radio and press advertising, point-of-sales materials and online/social media for a wider reach to customers.

“Because of its attractive appearance and eye-catching presentation, we expect Double Sensation Pizza to go viral and our advertising campaign seeks to capitalize on this,” he said.

“With a mobile hand phone which can take pictures, everyone is becoming a shutterbug these days, especially teens and young adults.

“They like to take pictures of interesting things they come across, including food, and MMS or send them online to their family and friends to see and they won’t be able to resist a double take of our Double Sensation Pizza.”

Pizza Hut expects the new pizza to help drive its system wide sales mix up by about 25% during the promotion period.

Double Sensation Pizza is the latest in a series of exciting new product rollouts the popular pizza restaurant chain has planned for this year. Pizza Hut serves pizzas, pastas and a delicious array of non-traditional dishes such as Western Favourites, sandwiches and rice dishes.

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