If you are wondering where might be a good place for a Sunday brunch with family and friends, then Toh Yuen from PJ Hilton is just might be the place you are looking for. Every Sunday, PJ Hilton offers wide selections of dim sum buffet where the cuisine are just so much of varieties and it is gratifying as well. Started off, Toh Yuen offers a variety of dim sum and there you can find pork-free dim sum as well as variety of Chinese Cuisine as well.

Marvelous selections of dim sum are available in the buffet spread which includes siew mai, prawn dumpling, chicken bao, and various of assorted dim sums. In order to ensure the dim sum is served hot to the customer, once you had made the order from the counter, they will heat up the dim sum and served them on the table about 10 015 minutes later. If you prefer some quick dim sum, they are also variety of fried dim sums like Deep Fried Spring Rolls, Deep Fried Wanton and more. The dimsums are all well made and served hot as well

Not only dim sums are available at the buffet spread, they do have a wide variety of stir fried dishes in their buffet, Fried items like fried noodles, rice, deep fried prawns, chicken and more is available to in the buffet.

If you prefer for some cold platters, they do have a variety of cold cuts on the ice like oysters, fresh prawns and more to dine with. More varieties which is available in the buffet selection includes the delicious and savory appetizers like mango kerabu and more. Not only the appetizers, they do serves with the large selection of salad as well in their buffet too.

In Toh Yuan, I am falling in love with their Peking Duck which is well prepared and cutted in layers. It is then served together on the popiah skin with the sweet sauce on top of it. Juicy meat with the crunchy skin really makes the dish even more perfects.

– Fruits –

– Desserts-

– Ice Kachang-

We ended our meal with the selection of desserts where you can have the Malaysian Style of Ice Kachang or with the delicious hot Chinese desserts Here you can find the puddings, hot desserts soups as well as cute little red bean paste pasteries too.

Dim Sum Buffet Brunch at RM68++ starts as early at 11.30pm at Toh Yuen

Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Hilton Petaling Jaya Hotel,
No. 2, Jalan Barat,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7955 9122 ext 4073 / 4074
Website: www.ZestPJ.com (F&B) or www.petaling-jaya.hilton.com (Hilton PJ)
Operating Hours: 12noon to 10.30pm daily except Sunday 11am to 10.30pm

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